An armed attack on a school in Slovakia: two dead, injured are children

The attacker had studied at the school, which was attacked

In Slovakia, where previously sentenced for the notorious murder of the journalist, the attack occurred, in which five people were injured and two, including the attacker, were killed.

The incident happened on the day of June 11 in the town of Vrutky in the North of the country. It is known that the attacker killed one of the school staff. Arrived at the place of incident patrol shot and killed the attacker from a service weapon. Some of the bullets ricocheted and wounded themselves cops.

The name of the offender is not revealed, but we know that this 22-year-old man from the town of Martin, located near Vrutky. Before he went to school, where the attack occurred.

According to a local newspaper Nový Čas, killed the Deputy Director of the school, and the Director, a teacher, a janitor and two first-graders were injured. The victims were hospitalized.

“According to preliminary information, a former student acted alone. He got into the school by smashing a glass door. The school staff wanted to stop him, but he used brought with him a knife, fatally wounding Deputy Director of the school and injuring a janitor. Subsequently, he ran to the nearest class”, – said the head of the Slovenian police Milan Luchansky.

On the scene, headed a delegation of members of the Slovak government – the Ministers of interior and education, the speaker of Parliament and the chief of police. An investigation examined whether the criminal history of mental illness.

We will remind, earlier in Slovakia detained 50-year-old Ukrainianwho, while driving a truck in a drunken state, nearly collided with a police car.

And last year, in 90 km from Bratislava bus with students collided with a truck, causing 13 people were killed and dozens were wounded.