In Baghdad, near the U.S. Embassy rocket exploded

Aimed at the American Embassy the missile was launched near the national stadium

“Green zone” of Baghdad came under rocket attack. About this informed the TV channel “al-Hadas”.

The rocket fell near the headquarters of joint operations command of the Iraqi armed forces. Worked air RAID siren. Data on victims and survivors there.

Aimed at the American Embassy the missile was launched near the national stadium.

The attack made before the start of the first phase of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States. Officials of the two countries will discuss topical issues of cooperation in politics, security, energy and culture. Under Secretary for political Affairs David Hale, will lead the discussions along with representatives of the ministries of defense, Finance, energy and other departments, as well as their Iraqi counterparts.

Green zone — heavily fortified and well-guarded area in Central Baghdad where government offices and foreign embassies in recent months repeatedly exposed to rocket and mortar attacks, which resulted in victims and casualties among Iraqis. On 26 January it was released five missiles — three of them fell directly on the territory of the U.S. Embassy, and one was in the dining hall, where at that time it was dinner. The last time the start was made may 19 — fired two missiles missed the target and fell in the vicinity of the zone. One of them hit the roof of the building, no victims.

Video: warjournal

Washington has repeatedly accused of involvement in the attacks operating in Iraq the Pro-Iranian militia and groups.