Gas subsidies will rise will come into force new regulations

The ratio of consumption of gas in Ukraine just a few years was reduced from 11 to 5.5 cubic meters per square meter. The new standard is 5 cubic meters per square meter – will come into force in may this year. This decision a few weeks ago was made by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Now that the subsidies cover 330 cubic meters heating the apartment with an area of 60 square meters, in the next heating season “utilities discount” will charge only 300 cubic meters. If we continue to burn 330 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters have to pay without subsidies. According to the current rate is still 204 hryvnia.

By the way, in the apartment of the same size, with Central heating, the subsidy will cover instead of 3.28 is only 2.5 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,7 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat will cost about 1411 USD.

Revision of standards will allow the state to save on the subsidies, said Valentin Zemlyansky. According to estimates of the Ministry of social policy, in the following heating season grants will issue 9 of the 15 million Ukrainian families. “Utilities discount” in the budget for this year provided 51 billion hryvnia. “This will lead to the reduction of subsidies. Social norms are reduced, and the subsidy covers only social norms. In addition, it will lead to growth of payment. Something to cover the subsidy, and the rest people have to pay themselves,” – said the “Today” Valentin Zemlyansky.

Yuri Korolchuk says: the ratio show how much the average Ukrainians spend resources for heating per square meter of housing. The government, the expert said, before you reduce the ratio, you have to show your calculations: how and why consumption is reduced.

“A certain logic in this decision. Norma – a rough calculation of how much one person can waste water, electricity, gas, heat. This standard is based on calculations that serve the suppliers of heat, these calculations confirms the national regulator. But the government had to explain why reduce norms, to show the calculations,” – said the expert.