The U.S. wants to impose the most severe in the history of sanctions against Russia

Republicans propose to “communicate directly with the Russian people and support their aspirations for democracy”

Republicans in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress, where the Russian leader Vladimir Putin called a tyrant, presented a draft national security strategy on strengthening the role of the United States and to counteract global threats. For example, it is proposed to introduce “the most stringent ever proposed” sanctions against Russia, Iran and China.

Against Russia there is a proposal to impose secondary sanctions against Russian oil and gas projects for Russian sovereign debt, the Pro-Russian organizations in other countries, as well as the definition of Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism.

The authors of the report propose to “communicate directly with the Russian people and support their aspirations for democracy and human rights”.

And concerning China in the report, in particular, to impose sanctions against the United front of the Communist party of China, as well as a number of senior party functionaries, including members of the Politburo, in connection with their activities in relation to the Uighur population in China, and also in connection with the situation in Hong Kong.

According to the authors of the document point measures will work more effectively large-scale tax measures that negatively affect the United States. In addition, it is proposed to block China’s efforts in the field of propaganda, and to take measures to prevent falling in this country, critically important American technology.

In the sphere of counteraction to Iran, the report proposed imposing sanctions against several sectors of the Iranian economy and measures the impact on the regional structure affiliated with Iran, in particular, the Pro-Iranian militia in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

The document lists the 130 measures against the most aggressive opponents of the United States on the world stage.

While all proposed in the report the measures are Advisory in nature and not considered to be a bill introduced to Congress for consideration.

Earlier, the ambassadors of the EU decided to extend sanctions against Russia over the Crimea for another year.