We hit on the Haftarot: after Russia sent eight combat aircraft, Turkey’s position is clear (Yeni Şafak, Turkey)

Russia sent eight combat aircraft to Syria for support of the coup Haftorah, which was defeated in Libya. After this event, Ankara has warned the militias of the Haftarot, has declared his intention to bomb the Turkish goals: in the event of an attack on Turkish staff, can be followed by retaliatory attacks, including the headquarters of the Haftarot.

To help the Haftarot, who faced defeat from the Libyan army, supported by Turkey, again rushed Russia. While in the last three days Turkish UAV was destroyed more than a dozen air defense systems, the Moscow leadership sent eight military aircraft to Libya with Hamim base in Syria. The Minister of internal Affairs of Libya Fathi Basaga (Fathi Bashaga) in interview to the American TV channel “Bloomberg” said that Russia has forwarded to the leader of illegal armed groups in the East of the Caliph Haftarot (Khalifa Haftar), at least six fighters of the Soviet production of the MiG-29 and two su-24.

The planes were allegedly placed in the al-Dzhufra in the Central part of Libya. Support the Russian side has taken wing coup Haftorah unspeakable joy. “The commander of the air forces,” the Haftarot Saqr al Jaroushi (Sakr al-Jarushi) stated that these forces “will launch the largest in the history of the Libya air campaign against Turkish targets in the country.” Al Carusi noted that all Turkish positions are legitimate. Drew attention to the fact that Russia has not received statements on this subject.

You become legitimate targets

Response of Turkey to these events was hard. Ankara, clearly warning the Haftarot and his supporters, gave the following signal by means of the American “Bloomberg”: “Turkey are extremely prepared to defend their bases in Tripoli and other areas by using the UAV and transferred to the region of the warships. In case of an attack on Turkish staff may be retaliatory attacks. Including the headquarters of Haftarot”. In the hours that followed, the official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey Aksoy Hami (Hami Aksoy) made a written statement in which he said: “We once again remind you that attacks on Turkish interests in Libya will have very serious consequences, and we will consider the formation of the coup of the Haftarot as a legitimate objective”. Aksoy drew attention to the fact that signals threats from the Haftarah followed the sending of a new batch of combat aircraft to Libya, and noted that these threats are a reflection of the delirium from the losses suffered by the forces of the Haftarot on the battlefield lately.

The UN launched an investigation

On the other hand, it is alleged that in connection with the transfer to Libya of eight Russian military aircraft, the UN experts began an investigation. According to the British “financial times”, citing Western diplomats, whose names were not called, UN experts began the investigation in connection with the transfer of the leader of illegal armed formations of the Caliph Haftarot eight combat aircraft of Russian production. “This seriesare Libya, it becomes a real proxy war,” said a Western diplomat, whose words are reported. It was also suggested that the number of Russian combat aircraft deployed in Libya, more than eight.

We were struck by a 15 “Shell”

The Libyan government demonstrated in the capital Tripoli one of the air defense systems “Armour” of the Russian production, which were used by the militia leader of illegal armed groups in the East Khalifa the Haftarot and was knocked out of the air force of the Libyan army. To see the “Armor” on Martyr’s Square, which is one of the symbols of the Libyan revolution on 17 February, flocked thousands of Libyans. One man named Yusuf Hammoud (Yusuf Hammude) recalled that for three days the army destroyed a large quantity of “Shells”, and said: “This victory was won primarily with God’s help. The Libyan people, like other peoples, have the right to live freely. May Allah make successful those who help us. Long live leader Erdogan. It is time to lend a helping hand when no one helped. We, the Libyan people, praying for him.”

The official representative of the Libyan army, Colonel Muhammad Kununu (Muhammed Kununu) also visited the place des martyrs and greeted the audience. People chanted slogans: “we will not surrender, victory or death”; “the area of the Haftarot will only see in a dream”. Between the fact became known, the number of Russian systems, destroyed Turkey for three days. It is reported that Turkish UAVs over the past three days was able to hit 15 air defense systems “Shell”, each of which costs about $ 15 million. It is argued that the number of “Shells”, transferred to the Haftarot of the United Arab Emirates, is no more than 20, so most of these systems over the last few days have been incapacitated.

Cleaned another village on the route to Tarragon

The legitimate Libyan army under the control of the Tripoli government has not ceased operations, despite sending Russian planes and the threat of Haftarot. The official representative of the Libyan army, Colonel Muhammad Sununu said that the connection of the army completely took under control the settlement of Arabia South of the capital. Sununu noted that the air force “conducted reconnaissance and patrol flights for the prosecution applied to the flight of the militia of the Haftarah”.

We will move to the city of Mizda

The Libyan army, to ensure the control of the city of Asaba, in the last 72 hours cleared from the militants of the three settlements, including K and TIGI, near the border with Tunisia. Press Secretary of the headquarters for the operation “Volcano of anger” held by the Libyan army, Mustafa al-Magai (Mustafa al-Mejai) announced that the troops will move to the town of Mizda, which is located on the supply route to the city of Tarragon. Arabia with a population of 27 thousand people located on the route to the city of Tarragon, used by militants of the Haftarot as a center of coordination of operations and logistics in the attacks on the capital, and therefore is of great importance. The Assembly of the tribes of Arabia said about the transition to the side of the national consensus Government.

A blow to the Haftarot

Another front in Sirte. Yesterday, may 20, combat drones “Bayraktar” (Bayraktar) used by the Libyan army, attacked the militia of Haftarot in the area of Sirte. It is reported that the number of dead and wounded amounted to 12 people. In the district of Tarhuna and al-Vishki near Sirte continued observation flights. It is alleged that after taking the strategic base of al-Watya the most important next target for the Libyan army is Tarragon.