Air defense system, which has long needed Lithuania

A little more than 10 years ago in the field of defence of Lithuania has undergone a qualitative change — change defense since the Second world war came the missile system. There are more big change: Lithuania’s defense Ministry has announced that it is negotiating with Norway on purchase of anti-aircraft missile system NASAMS, according to

Until now, the Lithuanian army was the only system tactical short-range. A little more than 10 years ago Lithuania has acquired American Stinger missiles and the Swedish RBS-70. Stinger detects infrared energy and can hit the target at a distance of 5 km at altitude 3 km away. Recently refurbished, the complex RBS-70 has a laser sight, its effectiveness is 90%. Despite the fact that there is no counter these protivoraket, their range is only 8 km if the target is at an altitude of 5 km.

It has long been said that the necessary missile medium-range (up to 20 km), but due to lack of funds the project was not discussed. After the Russian aggression in Ukraine and pressure the public funding was increased, therefore, began to search for possibility of acquisition of such complexes. Unofficially it was said that negotiations with the government of Norway, which can sell excess or complexes directly with the Norwegian company Kongsberg.

At the end of October 2016, the defense Ministry of Lithuania has announced that it has signed a technical agreement to acquire sun Norway complexes NASAMS-2. Gain and other components — the radars, control centers fire. Expect that the project will cost about 100 million euros.

MO reports that the money will purchase two batteries ABOUT, but really it is about 4 launchers, which simultaneously can launch 24 missiles. It is planned that the system will be transferred to Lithuania by 2020. The exact range of the system NASAMS not reported, but estimated it is about 30 km away.