Correspondent (Ukraine): the collapse of Ukraine’s economy has accelerated three times

“In April [in Ukraine] most of the subspecies of the production activities have already felt the full negative impact of the epidemic in the world, covid-19 (due to the temporary decrease of demand in the world for domestic, industrial and livestock products against the background of falling economic activity) and the continuation of quarantine measures to contain the pandemic within the country”, — reported on the website of the Ministry of economy Thursday, June 4..

According to the results of January-April, reducing the composite index of production of goods and services by key economic activities (m & as) amounted to 6.7% (down 3.8% in January-March).

According to the national Bank, during the second month of quarantine in Ukraine accelerated the decline of basic industries. Due to limitations of the production Index of basic industries in April fell by 15.4%.

According to the program of the Cabinet of Ministers to stimulate the economy, the decline in GDP this year range from 4% to 8%.