The New Yorker (USA): Putin has rejected a request by trump to send 10 000 troops to protect the White house

Moscow — Vladimir Putin has rejected a request by Donald trump to provide ten thousand soldiers of the Russian army to guard the security perimeter around the White house, confirmed by sources in the Kremlin.

After the call for trump to send troops ignored the Minister of defense mark Esper, and General mark Milly, trump reportedly snapped: “Well, if so, I’ll call Vlad,” and ran out.

However, unfortunately for trump, at the request of Russian troops Moscow reacted cold.

“From the outside it will look awful, — he said Putin. — Worse than madness, what are you doing with the Bible. Seriously, come on take the mind.”

According to sources in the White house, trump later called North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu, but the subscriber has not answered, and messages went straight to voice mail.