Who wants to destroy the “green” energy in Ukraine

Our authorities threaten lawsuits to 250 billion hryvnia

Ukraine threatens about 170 lawsuits in international courts and losing in the end 250 billion, as claims 99% unwinnable for a breach of a state contract terms. Note that 250 billion – about a quarter of the country’s budget. This prospect is likely if the deputies will not adopt the bill №3658 on support for producers of electricity from renewable energy sources – RES. Investors have already said: there is no law – will the courts.

Billion debt of the state

Now producers of electricity from RES have fallen on hard times, the state of Ukraine, which guaranteed the return of investment and the purchase of the generated “green”, clean energy, owed them tens of billions of hryvnia.

Owed for sold electricity, the timely payment of which is guaranteed – for this purpose even created a special state Agency with the eloquent title “Guaranteed buyer”. But the buyer, unfortunately, was insolvent – its debts to RES-producers reached 19 billion UAH.

Manufacturers of “green” energy went to meet the authorities – a Memorandum was signed, which reduces the tariffs for the sale of developed their kilowatt-hours. For solar power plants the reduction of tariffs will be 15%, wind 7.5 per cent. Also be restricted to the timing of commissioning of new facilities on “green” tariff.

The government undertakes to:

  • to take all measures to ensure the timely payment of the current GP “Guaranteed buyer” and repayment of existing debts to producers of renewable energy, which accepted the terms of the restructuring;
  • to approve the annual quotas of renewable energy support and to ensure the holding of auctions for the allocation of such quotas.

Deputy “spam” to prevent a compromise of the law