Board Eiga (Japan): meet a Russian language supermodel Sasha Luss in “Anna”

5 June, on the screens of Japan has released another action Thriller by Luc Besson “Anna”. Super-agent of the KGB playing Russian supermodel Sasha Luss. Who is this mysterious Russian beauty, any trailers of the film many Japanese movie lovers?

Sasha Luss was born in Magadan, she was 27 years old. She has light blue eyes, a beautiful face and figure. It is quite high — its height 178 cm. Sasha really loves his parents (his father is a famous doctor, mother is a journalist) and sister — writer who lives in London. It has always been the darling in the family.

As a child, Sasha did not think about career of a model. First advised her to try modeling by her mother, Mary Luss. 14 Sasha started hard to understand the model and participate in fashion shows. It subsequently reached great success.

Sasha has a contract with the Russian elite modeling Agency IQ Models. She actively works with fashion magazines and acted as the face of such famous brands of high fashion as Chanel, Dior and Valentine. She has graced the cover of the world’s most popular fashion magazines.

Currently, her boyfriend Sasha is a well-known British designer David Koma. Sasha loves to accompany him on trips around the world.

The film’s Director, Luc Besson is a classic of world cinema. Widely known for his paintings of “Leon” (1995), “Nikita” (1991) and “Lucy” (2014). To “Anna” Sasha Luss starred in his sci-Fi Thriller “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.” Offer her the title role in “Anna” can be seen as recognition of the evolving cinematic career of Sasha.

Sasha talks about the history of film “Anna”. “Choosing me for the role of the main character was like winning the lottery. I suddenly woke up a Princess in a beautiful castle. Of course, a great honor for me to play a major role in Luc Besson’s film. This Director, who is known worldwide for creating strong female characters. This is a great artist who worked with my beloved by Actresses Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Jovovich. And luckily enough to work with him and got me.”

It should be recognized that the work on the strong character of Anna, who according to the movie super model, Sasha helped extensive experience in the modeling business. Help her and good physical preparation. Says Sasha: “the Film is an action requires a lot of strength. Despite the fact that I began training for the film a few months before we started shooting, I was very tired after a difficult episode in which you had to act and move. Fortunately, I had good coaches”.

Indeed, many watched the film “Anna” noted a surprisingly harmonious movements of Sasha, apparently, spent years working on the catwalks. Long beautiful legs and hands of the actress give momentum to the tense scenes of confrontation, which are abundant in the film.

A few words about the plot. It is built so that allows Sasha Luss manifest itself in two ways, showing outstanding acting ability. In the beginning of the movie the heroine Anna Postova appeared before the audience in Moscow as a poor student that sells at a street market dolls and tolerate abuse from her husband, a drug addict. In one scene, Anna is confronted with operatives of the KGB, who find in it the beauty and extraordinary intelligence and offer cooperation. To avoid their troubles in life, Anne agrees.

She undergoes a rigorous training before she was entrusted to kill a dangerous state criminal. Anna changes her outer appearance: she is a super model, a call girl. She had a cold mind and a trained body. However, one day the CIA reveals its affiliation to the KGB. Americans offer to Anna to be a “double agent”, promising to provide it later quiet life in Hawaii. And Anna makes the choice…

Sasha Luss enthusiastically recalls his participation in the film “Anna”, hoping that this will allow her to continue her cinematic career.


Comments Japanese readers who have seen the film


After a long isolation the film “Anna” hit the nail on the head. Lots of action, action and complex plot twists. Luc Besson continues to create strong heroines. Russian super-model as a super-agent of the KGB plays perfectly. Very beautiful and expressive. The struggle of the KGB and the CIA a bit fed up, but the film has interesting twists and turns. And agents on both intelligence in General, normal people.


Interesting movie. Plays well Russian actress Sasha Luss.


Action in the film ordinary. The heroine Sasha Luss cruel, but very beautiful.


Know Luc Besson. The plot is dynamic, entertainment does not. The action takes place quickly.


I think that after the failure of the sci-Fi Thriller Besson “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets”, this film too will fail. He not only can not make up for the cash losses of the specified Thriller, but also deepen them. The struggle of the KGB and the CIA of the 90-ies depicted in modern conditions that makes the film not credible. The main character is a super-killer Anna works in the style of horror films “Friday the 13th”. Although toying her Sasha Luss seems to be a super-model, but it is not there is no female charm. Much more feminine is her lesbian girlfriend Olga. Luc Besson was blown away!


First of all, the film noticeable the stylish Sasha Luss. Being a super model she is able to transform into a variety of characters. In the movie she has many guises — and the poor little woman, and model, and call girl, a cruel and calculating killer.


The film is a lot of repetition and natrataste.