The Chinese authorities intend to stimulate the birth rate

Chinese authorities are considering new measures to stimulate the birth rate in the country, including the introduction of financial subsidies for couples who decided on the birth of her second child. This writes the newspaper China Daily.

Last year the policy of “one family – one child”, which operated in China since 1979 was abolished, which led to maximum 20 years to increase the birth rate.

So, in 2016 were born in the country of 17.86 million people – more than 1.3 million more than the year before.

“This pattern fully coincided with the expectations of the authorities, the barriers to further increase the birth rate remain and must be overcome”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for health and the planned birth of China Wang, Paani.

To have a second child – the right of every Chinese family, but not all can afford it, he added.

A survey of Chinese families, conducted by the Committee showed that the reluctance of couples to have a second child due mainly to financial reasons.

Van Payan notes that the government is considering the introduction of such support measures of fertility, as “the payment of remuneration and subsidies”, hoping to encourage couples to have a second child.