Ben Affleck opened a private account on Instagram and subscribed to his ex-wife

Ben Affleck opened a private account on Instagram and subscribed to his ex-wife

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The actor also has an official open account

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47-year-old Ben Affleck, who had an affair with a new “bond girl”, had a secret account on Instagram. Note that the movie stars already have a profile that is subscribed to more than 4 million users. There is an actor mainly publishes pictures from charity events and talks about his new projects.

Probably, Affleck has decided to dissociate their personal lives from the public and started a new private account in the social network to publish photos for family only.

The second profile Ben found the journalist from new York Kelsey Wickman, who shared on Twitter his findings.


In the header of the found profile is the name of Ben, in the photo itself Affleck kissing with his new girlfriend Ana de Armas, and only three subscriptions page: Ana’s ex-wife Jennifer garner. But the third name fans have not yet figured out.

While Ben signed with your private page with 14 accounts. Information about the new profile also has a short description: “Just dad, who sometimes makes films”.

Recall that Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner were married from 2005 to 2018. During this time they became parents three times. The actor has already introduced his new girlfriend Ana de Armas with two daughters and a son.

And the lovers celebrated the recent birthday of Ana. On 30 April she was 32 years old.

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