Savchenko explained his controversial statement about the surrender of the Crimea

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko said that did not call for the surrender of the occupied Crimea, and noted that people cheat policy beautiful slogans about the return of the occupied territories. She told about it in the comment to the edition “GORDON”, commenting on his statement about refusal from the Peninsula for the return of Donbass.

Making a statement on the temporary abandonment of the Crimea for the return of Ukraine under control of the occupied territories of Donbass, extra fractional people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko not mean the surrender of the Peninsula by the Russian invaders. This MP said in comments to the edition “GORDON”.

The MP believes that the current military leadership in the Crimea is not free.

“I never say to take our Donbass and the Crimea. In 2014, I was on duty and waited for the order to sortie to defend the Crimea. And those who was then in Parliament, behind closed doors made a decision to surrender the Peninsula. In 2014, they surrendered. Those people who are now high in the stands shouting, what are you going to go in and get the Ukrainian Crimea, it is would-be generals, they you never will lead. At best they will be back there somewhere, hiding behind you,” – said Savchenko.

In her opinion, Crimea was handed over to those who called for his return to the Ukraine.

“I’m trying to reach people. Crimea is not I want to take. And I’m not talking about it. Promise you unreal things. Those who are in Parliament tearing their shirts, never on the front line will not go to war. No need allegation and screams. You must think how to get our land. We need to realize that Crimea has passed, those who shout that will never pass. This is the whole paradox. Crimea – Ukraine, Donbas is Ukraine and always will be. Ukraine – a single, United and independent. The only problem is that we don’t know what decisions are made behind closed doors. I see political games,” – said Savchenko.

She believes that real liberation of Donbass from invaders had to go for the Croatian scenario.

“Would create a strong army to retake their land. But we now have a strong army not create. On the contrary it stolen. And it is wonderful to see those who is currently at the forefront. I’m not talking about Russian Crimea, and just wanted to warn people that they are being deceived by beautiful slogans,” summed up the MP.

Recall, January 17 Nadezhda Savchenko said that the liberation of Donbass peacefully lead to the surrender of the Crimea. “Crimea is another Transnistria. And not to make another Transnistria and Donbass – they (the deputies – ed.) will do that leave the occupied Crimea and Donbass will be taken. Another peaceful way, I do not see”.

In turn , Putin responded to the invitation Savchenko “exchange” of the Crimea to the Donbass. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the question of the status of the Russian-occupied Crimea is not a discussion for Moscow.