Zelensky is willing to pay the penalty for a visit to the cafe in Khmelnytskyi

The President said that he had gone to the cafe to check how the institution complies with the quarantine requirements

President Vladimir Zelensky willing to pay the fine if he violated the quarantine restrictions during a visit to a cafe in Khmelnytskyi. The head of state said to journalists, transfers “Ukrainian truth”.

“I am ready to pay the fine if I broke something… I said invited, I went – all checked out,” said Zelensky.

As you know, earlier there was a photo of the President with four officials drinking coffee at a table in one of the cafes in Khmelnytskyi. The institution is also present, the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko. All the officials in the frame without masks and respirators.

/ Photo: president.gov.ua

A visit to the cafe also commented on Victor Lyashko.

“Yesterday we were walking down the street, wanted to take coffee with him. Restaurateurs, like other business, want to open before they came to us and said look, we are ready to fulfill your standards. We just came to check,” explained the chief sanitary doctor.

Zelensky came to the police and he’s looking fine

According to him, all the requirements of the quarantine regulations have been complied with.

“I was sitting out, controlled,” he said.

“Looked like it will work, because we are all experiencing: the dynamics of incidence, we did not reduce, it is stable. So going through the President, I worry… do Not consider this as a violation of the quarantine and see how the inspection work companies are literally from tomorrow”, – said Victor Lyashko.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anton Geraschenko admitted that the President could be fined on 17 thousand UAH for violation of quarantine regulations.

See also the video of how Zelensky was stopped at a MC drive for coffee: