For the year rent of apartments in Kiev rose by about 20%

For the year rent of apartments in Kiev rose by about 20%, say the experts. The Ukrainian average cost of rent of real estate budget increased by 15-20%. As experts predict, this year the market growth will continue, however, the situation radically will not change.

“At this point, in 2017, I see no reason for the growth in the cost of rent. If it is not external factors. Of course, there is the influence of the political situation, military action. But those global factors that can affect. But I still think the next six months is stable,” – said Arthur Pilipchuk.

At the same time, the realtor Maxim Baborak notes: in an average year apartments can rise in price by 15-20%. This, according to experts, depends on the economic situation in the country.

“The market is affected by many factors. Rising wages, get more jobs, people are actively looking for an apartment – as a result property prices are rising,” – said the expert.

The realtors predict that in early summer the number of available apartments traditionally increase. Housing will liberate students, and will be replaced by seasonal workers. At the end of August, the market demand will increase dramatically, as the result can grow and real estate prices.

“I would say maybe 500 hryvnia apartment that is now worth 5,000 hryvnia to appreciate. It is traditionally from year to year is repeated. But those who already live, you can always negotiate the price of the apartment to keep. We market the situation when, in General, the owners and tenants can search for mutual understanding”, – said Maxim Baborak.