In Ukraine began to bring more cars

In the first half of the year in Ukraine in import mode imported 67,9 thousand cars. This volume of imports is almost two times exceeded the result of a year ago, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”.

Purchase of cars abroad cost the importers in 959,5 million dollars. As a result, average customs cost of one imported car made 14,1 thousand dollars, which is 3.2 thousand dollars less than the year before.

Such a fall of the average customs value is attributable to the increase in the import share of cars that were in operation. If at the end of the first six months of 2016, the brand accounted for only a fifth of imports in the current year – more than 41%.

This files most often during the reporting period cars were imported to Ukraine from Germany – 15.7 per thousand.

The second most popular destination for the purchase of passenger vehicles was Japan, which arrived in Ukraine 8.2 thousand cars. Closes the three largest suppliers of France with a score of 6.4 thousand cars.


  • Because of disilicate in Ukraine may pour b/y car from Germany

Also in the TOP 10 countries from which Ukraine imported cars were: USA (4,6 thousand units), Romania (3.7 thousand units), Czech Republic (3.3 thousand units), Slovakia (2,9 thousand units), Hungary (2.7 thousand units), UK (2,4 thousand units) and Turkey (2,3 thousand).