Mystic Hitler: how the occult and delusions of the Nazis turned the ideology into a monster, pornsee themselves

Humanity has a fun feature: if we don’t know something, we turn imagination and attributed to this mystical or alien character. So there were the reptiles; so peaceful in fact, the religion of voodoo was a continuous raising of the dead; so the Tibetan medicine suddenly become a panacea, although before coming to China the people there lived up to 40 years.

It is quite natural that the Third Reich with his SS, the Annenerbe, and other search of Shambhala in the mind bent on the esoteric new age psychology has become the focus of occult on Earth.


In the early twentieth century scientific materialism has gradually displace the esoteric to the curb. Physics, mathematics and medicine after the industrial revolution developed, factories were working, but the “secret doctrine” and “spiritual forces” helped only to the leaders of the secret societies. The scientific method of cognition was hit on the mystics, again and again proving the inconsistency of their statements and beliefs. The nascent Nazis believed the materialism of the Bolshevik fiction, corrupting the great Aryan race. Adolf Hitler himself (a lover of melodramas, and other light reading) stated that “objective science is a totem of decline.” In the end, the Nazis and the esoteric teamed up for the creation of an ideology that initially helped the first to brainwash tired of the poverty of post-war Germans, and then turned into a monster.

So there Ahnenerbe — the first in the modern history of a state organization involved with the occult. She was associated with the “Thule Society” (named after the mythical capital of Hyperborea; believed that the Germans were descendants of Aryans) and the “vril Society” (named after the magical energy of the bad fiction about the underground race; studied psychics, had contact with aliens and build a UFO). The race of gentlemen would not like to be from Africa, like every “untermensch”, the animals that inherit the people, because they happily jumped at the idea of a “great spiritual race of the North.” In 1937, the Ahnenerbe became a part of SS, get rid of the problem with formal science and opened a few dozen institutions, covering everything from music to herbal treatments.

MEDICINE. With the beginning of hostilities with the Third Reich there were many prisoners of war that seized the mad scientists and doctors-murderers. Researched a lot. The body’s response to hypothermia (racially pure Aryan pilots were dying, being shot down over the North sea), for which the person is imprisoned in a VAT of ice water and watched his death. Studied the drugs to stop bleeding, amputating the limbs of the test subjects. Communicable diseases, fractures, abscesses, and many other experiments carried out with disregard for the pain and suffering of the “lower races”.

MYSTICISM AND MONEY. Here the boys broke away as they could. As those who described their activities subsequently creating the tale of “the secret power of the Third Reich”. For example, the “scientists” of the Ahnenerbe were rounded up in Tibet, where he found Shambhala and found that 40 centuries of Nordic Aryans, led by Thor went to the West and North. In the mountains of Abkhazia have found the source of “living water” that brought in the silver cans on submarines. Sailed to Antarctica, where he established a secret military base UFO and hid Adolf Hitler after the war (the one that ran off to Argentina) and the Arctic, exploring the hypothesis of the “hollow earth” and “concave earth” (Yes, the Nazi science believed that the Earth could be, and not a ball at all). By the way, then U.S. troops allegedly fought in Antarctica with aliens.

Had a hand in the development of missiles “V-2” and other “wunderwaffe” that is the miracle weapon with which Germany promised to end the war in 1943, but something did not grow together, it seems. Have created a secret base of Nazis on the moon. But in reality, the organization is wonderful “sawed loot.” They are, for example, received a patent for pedal reflectors on bicycles, and the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler made them mandatory for all, because of what the Ahnenerbe got a lot of money. Remember this, driving on bikes.


It’s huge. The film “Iron sky” mocks the legend about the Nazi base on the moon — in the end, they built their wonder weapons and started a huge war on the Earth’s orbit. Thrash horror film “Operation “Dead snow” plays with the story of Nazi zombies. In the Universe of marvel superheroes fighting neo-Nazi organization Hydra, led by Red Skull. In the comic book and the movie “Hellboy” evil representatives of the Reich, led by Grigori Rasputin open a passage in “measure of chaos”, trying to invite to the Land of the “dark gods”.

It is the same in games. Call of Duty has zombie mode, in which you can make war with the dead Aryans. In a series of Wolfenstein main character fighting hordes of animated corpses and other vermin. In Bloodrain character cuts left and right of Nazi vampires. And then there are books, videos, cartoons and so on. But most importantly, you need to understand all the stories about “secret bases”, “Nazi flying saucers” and other occult things of truth exactly the same as in the above mentioned movies, games and comics. In reality, there are people who through lies, mythology, psychology and inferiority complex tried to fight with the whole world, killed countless of their kind and, fortunately, lost, left in a horrible reminder to future generations.

“Iron sky”. Base of Nazis on the dark side of the moon