TOP 5 coolest fighters that will surpass your expectations

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TOP 5 coolest fighters that will surpass your expectations

Today, 13:11

A selection of amazing fighters, which you can watch right now

Darina Alekseeva

the editor of Billboard

Film-fighters have always been popular with viewers. Dynamic plot, courageous heroes and action – all this allows us to escape from everyday stress and immerse yourself in a world of unpredictable, dangerous, but amazing adventure. Today.Lifestyle recommends five good fighters, which you can enjoy at home online platform

If you missed the atmosphere of the 2000s, here are five cool movies zero. We also shared adventure films that will distract you for quarantine.

A scene from the movie “the Magnificent seven” Photo:

Action-Western from the Director of “the Great equalizer” the action takes place in the Wild West in the 19th century. Robber Baron and Magnat-gold miner Bartholomew Bogue has taken control of the American border town and subjected its inhabitants to forced labor in the mines. The Baron burned down the Church and killed a local rebel. However, the widowed wife of the head of the rebels goes with his girlfriend in search of the bounty hunters to free the city. In revenge, the Baron is interested in African-American Marshal named Sam. Soon gathers a group of seven professional killers who go to slaughter not only for the money.

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Still from the film “Massacre” with Bruce Willis Photo:

Jacob works as a clerk in a Bank and barely provides for his wife and sick daughter. Once the Bank is attacked by an armed robber, and Jacob is suspected of complicity. As a result of his being suspended from work indefinitely. Hero haunted by feelings of guilt towards family, insomnia, fear, and most importantly – the desire to find and punish the unknown criminal, who is now the Bank’s money. Overwhelmed with the desire to find the robber, Jacob turns to his neighbor, a former police officer James for help. They do not even suspect what awaits them, and that is capable of the secret robber who hits at the core of James – his family.

A scene from the movie “Bloody revenge” Photo:

Newlyweds Ava and Derek go on their honeymoon to the Caribbean, and the trip is paid by the rich father of Derek. During the romantic getaway the couple decides to take an extreme adventure in highly tight rope to move from one part of the scenic jungle to the other. But Derek breaks down. Ava finds her husband, who has a serious injury, and calls an ambulance. In the car for her is not designated and, when Ava arrives at the hospital, then finds her husband there. The police don’t want to help, but instinct tells me that you need to start its own investigation. Ava alone shall enter into a brutal fight with the bandits, and ruthless revenge becomes the purpose of stay on the island. I’d find Ava in the course of its investigation, and what tests she has to go through?


Frame from the film “Acceleration” Photo:

The protagonist Alex is an experienced, world-class thief. It has always taken only for the most profitable business. But Alex decides to interrupt the activity. Her partner asks her to do one last job, but not everything goes according to plan and Alex is in danger. Besides, soon Alex realizes that the main task of the mission, not diamonds. Since then, the only purpose for her is to be saved, come what may.

Time dogs

Shot from a film “time of the dogs” Photo:

Lucas – killer-loner. He always gets the job on behalf of powerful businessman Richard Edison. Once he gets the job from Edison to kill a young girl named Ella, and this is the case when he can’t cold-bloodedly pull the trigger. While Lucas waited, another assassin killed the entire family of the girl. But Ella still has to die. Now after her several killers throughout Europe, and only Lucas could protect her. Since then, they have both aim and in order to survive, they must find the perpetrators and expose Edison.

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