Heavy (USA): zipper tore in half with a large U.S. flag

The largest national flag of the United States in the American state of Wisconsin ripped in half after a lightning strike. About it on Thursday, June 4, according to the portal Heavy.

The publication reports that in the last few days a number of us States are experiencing bad weather. Severe thunderstorms and wind have left 30 thousand homes without electricity. Including suffered the largest freely waving the flag of the country.

Sheboygan has “The Largest US Flag In The Nation” on a pole outside an insurance company or something-
tonight we had a massive thunderstorm roll through town and it ripped that Flag to shreds..

this feels eerie. mystical in a way. the US is torn apart, just like this Flag. pic.twitter.com/ZoKKTjqAEF

— room temperature butter ? (@smemzen) June 3, 2020

Acuity Insurance flag size 21 to 42.6 meters, weighing 154 kg. It flew at an altitude of about 30 meters near falls Sheboygan in memory of County residents who died serving in the us army.

The iconic flag Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan — the largest free-flying American flag in the country — has been torn in half after tonight’s storms.

?: Avdil Luma pic.twitter.com/89fUWlsF4d

— News TMJ4 (@tmj4) June 3, 2020

The President of the United States Donald trump is again repeated with cuddling the American flag at the conference of the Union of American conservatives. After a two-hour speech, he approached the flag on the stage and with a satisfied expression on his face with both hands embraced him. After that, trump gave him a kiss and then left the room.