Editor-in-chief (USA): America is living out its last days as a superpower

My post about the upcoming collapse of the United States has aroused some interest and many asked me the question: “When and at what point the United States began to die as the Empire? In other words, how long the process of dying in America?” This is a fair question, really interesting and… the easiest to answer.

Any Empire begins to die at the moment when it reached its maximum power. It’s pretty obvious that when a social system is no enemy, it loses the incentive to its development and decomposes. The same effect can be observed in business.

The United States began to die immediately after the collapse of the Communist system. That is, since the end of 1991 the USSR was the final enemy of the United States and the collapse of America has no enemies and she was to belong to the whole world. To understand what next happened with America, it is better to use the analogy with Rome after his victory over Carthage in the Second Punic war.

We will remind that after a victory over his powerful rival of Rome gradually took over all the territories in the East and became sole master of the Mediterranean. He began to have almost unlimited resources. Money, slaves and goods unlimited stream arrived in Rome. In such a globalized economy, which has provided military and political domination of Rome, Italian artisans and peasants became practically useless and uncompetitive in Rome. Gradually, they all went bankrupt and turned into economically unclaimed plebs. The middle class began to disappear, and society is becoming more polarized: on the one hand, bathing in luxury, steeped in corruption, plutocracy, and on the other hand, the lumpen. For this reason, Ancient Rome from the once shiny natural Republic degenerated into an Empire and a political dictatorship. And the plebs rebelled, he had to feed the “bread and circuses”. Such a system could not be sustained, and soon the Roman Empire is mired in intrigue and, eventually, fell apart. Conclusion: the cause of death Rome was his total dominance over the rest of the world.

Something similar is now happening with America. After the collapse of the Communist system, the United States became the global hegemon, who did not have enemies, they controlled the entire globe. The money river flowed, America just bathed in wealth and began to live beyond their means. Work had no meaning, all production was imposed in poor countries in South-East Asia, America consumed (and still consumes!) almost two times more than the produce. The States began to work all the poor of the world, and all were forced to transfer money in U.S. assets.

In these circumstances, the United States was formed the same cost unclaimed plebs who have to feed and entertain. Feed him bread cards in the country they are more than 50 million people, as well as various other numerous social assistance programs. And entertain the plebs periodic victorious air attacks against small and weak countries, which are called the “axis of evil”. About the moral decay that inevitably starts in a society that has achieved world domination, I wrote. Completely morally decayed Ancient Rome. Now morally degrade US.

After the collapse of the Soviet bloc the US, like Ancient Rome after the victory at Carthage, could not resist, on democratic principles, and has turned into an Empire. America is no longer a democracy, but, strictly according to Aristotle, it degenerated into a classic oligarchy. In Ancient Rome the power of the emperors led the plebs. Donald trump also brought to power the American plebs, and steeped in corruption, oligarchy, headed by Obama, Biden and the Clintons couple immediately began to fabricate a case against the “people’s President”. Very funny to watch it!

The American Empire is already tending to decline, the peak of its power has passed 30 years ago. To control the whole world she is no longer able, but of the last forces trying to force the world to feed her in exchange for her printed wrappers.

Trying to intimidate the world and to maintain its status quo of superpowers on a planetary scale, America has sunk to the level of “theatrical militarism”, the essence of which is to constantly beat the small countries not capable of giving America back. However, despite the huge social and debt problems, America is constantly increasing its armed forces, developing new weapons, provoking local conflicts and seek to support them as long time to come up with a goal of planetary peacemaker and to demonstrate its power. But this is nothing more than a defensive reaction.

The US has played a great positive role in the period from 1945 to 1991. But now they have become a huge problem for ourselves and for the world. The US has lost its purpose and have unprotected survival. Just as a new star flashes brightly before finally extinguished, the US got involved in several wars (e.g., Korea, Iran, Syria, China, etc.), will demonstrate their “power”, and then begin their rapid sunset.

To make America great again is impossible. The difference in level of welfare between the plutocracy and the plebs in the US are just outrageous, and this potential difference has constantly flashes as she broke out now in Minneapolis. But everything could collapse when the US can no longer force the rest of the world by force of arms to feed its populace.

And to what is called “close the topic”, remember this little-known fact that the Roman Empire finally finished off two of the plague: the so-called Kiprianova plague of the mid-third century BC and then Justiniana the plague of the sixth century A. D., Who is interested in this subject, you can read a quite recent book by American historian Kyle Harper “The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire”.

It is quite possible that when historians will study the final period of the decline of the US, they will come to the conclusion that the epidemic of coronavirus was the final blow that America is no longer able to move. And it seems that things are moving in this direction: in the second quarter, the United States expects the fall of GDP in the amount of 38-42%! This was not even during the great depression.

And China, meanwhile, has already reached 100% loading of its economy, and the US is only 60%. Everything is transient in this world and everything is repeated according to the laws of the cycle. American cycle ends. Chinese is just beginning.