Rzeczpospolita (Poland): the end of open skies

Calm, it is not a harbinger awaiting us after a pandemic Apocalypse, and the announcement of the us administration of the intention to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. He was allowed to conduct observation flights over important military objects of the opposite side with the aim of obtaining information on its intentions in this area.

Together with the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe, nakladyvat quantitative limits on five key categories of conventional armaments and equipment, as well as the Vienna document inspections in military exercises, he acted element was created after the cold war system of arms control and tools to build trust.

Donald trump has previously broke a nuclear deal with Iran, and the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles of 1987, was distributed at the famous Pershing and SS-10. Liberal world screamed: crazy trump destroys the Foundation of security that emerged after the cold war. Unfortunately, this liberal world as usual forgot that we are seeing the American reaction to the violation of another agreement.

It is Russia not the first year let fly over such important regions as Kaliningrad oblast or the Georgian border. Russia does not want to show what’s really up there its army. Moreover, the Americans prove that she used the open skies Treaty to collect data on civilian and industrial facilities on the territory of the United States. Earlier, Moscow has violated DRM and suspended its participation in the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe. Against this background, the us response seems to be normal.

The US is trying to persuade the Russians to adhere to the agreements, and at the same time want to strengthen their position in the negotiations on strategic nuclear weapons and a new agreement in the framework of the start-3, which expires next year. Many analysts also believe that the Americans are interested in attracting to new treaties on disarmament and confidence-building of China. Other experts, in turn, argue that the Treaty on open skies, has lost its value since the technology of satellite reconnaissance permit to obtain a better result than the use of aircraft with photographic equipment.

Is there anything in this game with Russia, the choice for Poland? The U.S. Ambassador in our country, hinted that we could receive in Germany the American rockets and nuclear bombs in the framework of NATO program on the joint use of nuclear weapons. Dreams of Polish nuclear bomb is a topic for another article, however, given that neither NATO nor the EU in recent decades, to expand to the East, and Poland continues to coexist with the aggressive Imperial Russia, we should think about strengthening their own safety, as that is not given once and for all.

Before you start to persuade the Alliance and the United States to include us in the programme on the use of nuclear weapons, you need to think about improvement of radar systems in Poland and the Eastern flank. This is a necessary step on the background of increasing American presence or appearance in redzikowo missile defense base. In our region could use Aviation warning system and control (AWACS), aircraft which could not fly from the Western regions of Germany, and to start from the Polish border. These issues should be discussed in the ongoing presidential campaign. Talking about the security of Poland can never have too much.