The labor market in Ukraine: who and where will be able to find a new job

Some Ukrainians are ready to grasp at the first offer

In recent days, the Ukrainians were less likely to apply to the employment Servicethan in a strict quarantine. But unemployment rates are still disappointing. To find a job was not so easy and dekorativnye times, and now the competition has doubled – one vacancy claims an average of four to six people.

At the beginning of may, there were 456 million official unemployed. Quarantine added to the figure is almost 156 thousand. However, despite the crisis, the employment Center record increase of jobs in agriculture and forestry, trade, health care and social assistance. Who else is looking for and where to find a new job, learned the news Today.

Some Ukrainians are ready to take the first available job offer, and even earn less than before. But they plan to search and the best options.

“Salary offers and salary expectations of candidates – the fact that people wrote themselves in a CV – dipped slightly, in the range of 10-15,” says the head of expert-analytical center of international HR portal Julia Drozhzhina.