Russian Germany (Germany): let me go to the resort!

Reducing infected with the coronavirus and the weakening of quarantine measures in Germany and other countries have increasingly raised the question of summer vacations: plan them the population of Germany is not yet possible, but hopes to go to the next trip remain. Potentially summer tourism with the observance of many precautions and there are traditional inner-directions — Schleswig-Holstein from the North sea coast, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from the Baltic sea and Bavaria with the mountains and lakes. For all the appeal inside the country vacation for most people in Germany still associated with travel abroad: before the pandemic, according to statistics, almost 25% of Germans planned to relax in 2020 within the country and 58.3% in other States. Restrictions on crossing the borders are still valid until June 14, however, exhausted by the stagnation of the tourism industry has already started selling tickets with the second half of June, and a number of airlines have reported plans to return at the same time to the regular flight schedule for classic resort destinations.

Whether measures to combat the pandemic, governments of both Germany and other countries, popular, in terms of tourism and economically dependent on him, to meet the hopes and wishes of the German holiday-makers is an open question. It is obvious that a return to normal pre-pandemic travel without restrictions this summer, and maybe autumn will not. It is possible that the easing of quarantine in Spain or Italy, will only apply to local residents and will not affect German holidaymakers. However, there is actively discussed the possibility of concluding bilateral agreements between Germany and countries where traditionally rushing German holidaymakers.

Presumably, in the coming weeks will weaken quarantine restrictions Austria, Croatia and Greece. As reported by the official government Commissioner for tourism Thomas Bareis (Thomas Bareiß), negotiations on the admission of German tourists with a number of other countries: according to officials, Majorca and the Greek Islands in the summer are available to citizens of Germany, if the epidemiological situation will not deteriorate and will not increase the burden on local medicine. From a more long trips this summer will have to give. What are the specific prospects for a summer holiday in the most popular among the inhabitants of German countries?


The most popular among German tourists country in Europe (in 2019, Spain received 11 million visitors from Germany) — one of the most affected by the coronavirus. Restrictions on contacts just extended here for the fourth time, although in some regions allowed some indulgence. In the coming weeks, the Spaniards are still not allowed to cross the borders of their provinces on the reception of tourists from abroad no speech until the end of June. German travel companies TUI and FTI agreed with the Association of hoteliers of Majorca on the travel since July and I hope that the Spanish government will take into account the interests of the industry. The question remains, when will be able to return to the Balearics German owners of houses and apartments. Mostly Spanish hoteliers expect this summer at the local tourists. The Canary Islands remain hopes to make foreigners fall — the beginning of the “high” season.


Tourism brings 15% of the economic potential of the country, the higher the desire of the authorities and business as soon as possible to return to normal reception or catering facilities. In the attempt to save the holiday season in the country, discusses the various options, until the installation on the beaches of the walls separating the tourists. While they will be mostly local citizens: some parts of the coast of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean for them already opened. In South Tyrol (last year almost half of the 34 million tourists here were immigrants from Germany) may 25, will open the hotels, to the Trinity — cableways, funiculars and tourist routes in the mountains. May 18 across the country starts to work again museums and shops. Local tourist enterprises insist on a speedy opening of the borders with Austria and Switzerland and the agreement with Germany, then the country will be able to come — not the property owners.


Adopting in 2019 91 million tourists, France has maintained the unofficial title of the main tourist magnet of the world. This year the borders are closed until at least June 15, the extension of state of emergency may to 10 July. All beaches are closed at least until 1 June, the pressure on Central government from the regions less affected by the virus includes and Brittany and the Atlantic coast and the Cote d’azur and Corsica, makes it easier for entrepreneurs to expect that in July the resorts will be filled. In the country gradually open national parks, the regions have the right to authorize the opening of other infrastructure subject to the measures. Lorraine, Alsace, Burgundy and the Paris area are still closed here, the virus has spread stronger. Presumably, the Europeans will be able to enter into France from mid-June.


In may in the country, 15% of GDP which brings the tourism (and almost 35 percent of immigrants — from Germany) opened the restaurants at the end of the month in June — pools and lakes. The border is open now: visitors from Germany must present a fresh medical certificate about absence of infectious diseases. Entry in Austria as reported the other day the Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz (Sebastian Kurz) would be prohibited to nationals of those countries, which cannot cope with pandemic — “in the interests of local residents and the tourists themselves”.


In June the country plans to open the borders to immigrants who will have to present at the border a negative test for coronavirus made the day before. Hotels and campsites open in mid-may. The Croatian authorities (economy of any country of Europe depends on tourism to the same extent) counting on the conclusion of bilateral agreements with Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary — the so-called “tourist corridor” that will allow tourists to freely come to the resorts of the Adriatic in early summer directly in the places where the booked stay: the free movement of guests in Croatia is undesirable and is unlikely to be allowed.


In the country there are restrictions on movement for local residents, foreigners are not welcome — but only until mid-June. Ferries and planes to the Greek Islands carrying only those passengers who can prove that permanently live there. July will open access to foreigners who can produce a fresh certificate from the country about the lack of coronavirus. As in Croatia, are expected to “tourist corridor” from Germany, which will allow tourists to arrive directly to the destination.


The country gradually weakens quarantine measures. 1 Jun open hotels, the owners of the Turkish seacoasts expect to return to the usual mode of operation by July, which should ensure the average annual hotel occupancy at 40 percent. From 15 June it will be open entry to Turkey are citizens of Germany, will be lifted the current restrictions on movement within the country.