Global Times (China): the era of intimidation of China America came to an end

American President Donald trump on Tuesday said that the US is preparing a decisive response to China’s actions on preparation of the national security law for Hong Kong, and will announce the measures before the end of the week.

Us media reported that these measures include controls on transactions and freezing accounts and assets of Chinese government officials and companies as punishment for the implementation of this law, and the refusal of Chinese officials to grant visas. When the press Secretary of the White house asked Rob America Hong Kong the status of a separate customs territory, she replied that she has nothing to say about it.

Since China is determined to adopt the national security law for Hong Kong, he is prepared for any possible reaction from the United States. Sanctions against individuals and visa restrictions as a leverage obviously are an inappropriate response. Support of the national security law for Hong Kong is gaining momentum.

Many Chinese understand that some American politicians are grabbing China by the throat. Long-term rivalry between China and USA is inevitable. The face of American aggression, China must remain calm, clarity of mind, and to prepare for a protracted battle with the United States.

Since China has a powerful nuclear deterrent and building up its military power, the US has no particular desire to engage in an armed conflict with China due to its key interests. The last trump for the United States is breaking ties.

China will not act impulsively, breaking all relations with the United States. China will deepen reform and open up towards the outside world, enhancing the attractiveness of the Chinese market. If the US will insist on breaking ties with China in areas where their own power wanes, then so be it.

A key advantage of U.S. high — tech industry. China does not hide that should eliminate the backlog, and we are confident that he will be able to unite the whole country and achieve big achievements. A few decades ago, China created the atomic bomb, Intercontinental ballistic missile and artificial satellite of the Earth, joining the community of the superpowers. So why would China not to make major breakthroughs in those areas that currently face obstacles?

Another important advantage is the U.S. financial hegemony, which China is inconvenient to carry out exchanges with the outside world. If the US dares to resort to the funds, it will harm the reputation of the financial system, which they led.

If the financial war gets out of control, more all will suffer the United States itself. The real economy in America is shrinking, and the country is increasingly dependent on the financial sector. This means that the outbreak of financial war would be tantamount to-harm.

The Chinese people are pragmatic and hardworking. We have created a comprehensive production system and has found technical opportunities for making breakthroughs. We also have a huge market. Such a country is hardly possible to isolate and keep.

Chinese-American “battle”, Hong Kong continues. Americans can play any card. Hong Kong is under Chinese sovereignty, and whatever laws nor took Washington, it’s just a clerical rubbish.

In terms of long-term competition with the United States one of the main tasks for China is to increase the capacity of inner strength. We have enough funds to counter external shocks, and internal adaptability and viability are a source of future strength. In the end, China competes with himself.