American readers about the new Russian bomber: still the output will be a kite

New Russian stealth bomber, the PAK DA is aimed to compete with the American B-2 and can carry most modern weapons, including missiles, bombs and hypersonic weapons, the website of the TV channel “Fox news”. American channel reminds that this is not the first Russian stealth aircraft. In 2010 the service received the su-57, but they were never put into mass production.

Readers of the article with the sarcastic comment on this information, a constant reminder of the weakness of the Russian economy.

Reader comments:


In fact, In-2, consider, junk, — in the ranks he since ‘ 89, and since then we have developed more modern B-21 Raider, it will start service in 2025. So sorry, Russians, but to the party invisible you missed that way for a couple of decades. B-1 and B-2 is a development for another 70 years. And the idea of “flying wing” dates back all the way to the Second world war. Good to play catch-up.


But now we give the illegal immigrants cash checks. That is something the Russians will wipe.


Come on, still the output will be a kite.


Not you feast your eyes on the Russian economy. To compete with the US they simply can not afford — no money. The main threat is China!


In Russian I have my moments. Recall, AK-47, one of the best machines in history. But they have no money even for a Gumball machine.


Given that oil prices are at a record low and the Russian budget depends on it 90%, then let them — the money will run out faster! Reagan bankrupted the USSR, and trump can do the same thing with Putin’s Russia!


From prototype to exploitation during the year. Well, well, dreaming (sarcasm). Another Russian posturing.


Yes Russian only ballpoint pens can rivet.


To compete with the B-2? That’s cool. Russian fellows, you know how to spend money. The United States-that’s going to replace this junk to B-21.


Their aircraft more like the F-16, but they are not invisible and in addition a couple of years, they are generally replaced.


That trump sent to Putin our plans for bombers — in gratitude for the silence and a deal on hotels. Soon the family of the Trumps generally receive Russian citizenship. The Traitors Of America.


Listen, liberals, what do you smoke?


This is not a hypersonic missile, which in that year, killed five with a radiation leak? The Russian army looks like a baby-a diabetic a bag of candy on Halloween. The only person they hurt is themselves.


Anyway, everything will be stale from the West, only half as worse.


Su-57 — dirty invisible. Between the panels there is a gap, so the plane will still be visible. The quality of Russian production far before the F-22 / F-35.


And the money come from? I believe will soon take over another country like Georgia and Ukraine.


I don’t know about performance, but the su-57 — bird beautiful.

And then many need to cut the Apple pie, and then from excess of patriotism would be diabetes.