Control of Ukrainian volunteers: Zelensky and Smigel voiced a new idea

The government wants to introduce in the Ukrainian society the experience of Italy

Epidemic COVID-19 in Ukraine is on the mend – over the last day recovered was more than new patients. However, to defeat the coronavirus necessary to comply with quarantine measures. President Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal traditional meeting discussed the issue of attracting volunteers who will monitor compliance with citizens antiepidemic rules in areas of potential gathering of people.

The Prime Minister spoke about innovations in Italy to attract volunteers to assist in complying with security measures.

“The government plans to attract volunteers, who will monitor compliance by citizens antiepidemic rules in areas of potential gathering of people. They will also inform them about proper wearing of masks, respect of social distance, rules of shopping and restaurants. This excellent initiative to involve citizens in the common cause appeared in Italy, which is the most in Europe were affected by the pandemic. And which demonstrated the solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus,” said Smigel and added that to implement the idea will be the Ministry of social policy.

In turn, the head of state supported the initiative of the government.

“This is a very good idea. Support its implementation in Ukraine. Volunteers could remind people about the need for social distance, wearing masks. Thus, on the basis of the quarantine, we would remember that the threat still exists and it is necessary to observe safety rules,” said Zelensky.

Note that the Ukrainians since the beginning of the quarantine to help the elderly and the sick through the epidemic. As reported “Today”, Kharkov volunteers during the quarantine, bring food to the veterans. Volunteers are worried that during a pandemic the most vulnerable to the infection not leaving the house.

But in luck, the volunteers produced an antiseptic and distributed to local hospitals. In the city there was a shortage of disinfectants, but for a few days, volunteers have distributed more than a thousand bottles.