When waiting for a visa regime with Russia and how it will work

The probability of introduction of visas for Russians in near future is not large, experts say. But such a move would be a logical continuation bezveza with Europe and sanctions against Russia. However, the decision had to be made in 2014, after the occupation of Crimea, political analysts believe. In the Verkhovna Rada a bill on visas for Russians registered in early 2016. New wave for visa rose after the head of the faction “people’s front” Maxim Burbak said that Parliament urgently adopt the draft resolution on introduction of a visa regime. The website “Today” figured out how and when can earn the visa regime with Russia.

Who can change the rules

Ukrainian MPs will not be able to introduce a visa regime with Russia on his decision. Between Ukraine and Russia enter without visas has been operating since 1997. To break the agreement, the Cabinet shall give a written notice to the government of the Russian Federation. According to the document, the visa regime be introduced six months after razorvanye of the contract. During this time in Russia can take mirror solution. Ukraine has changed the terms of the contract in 2015, when introduced for the Russians entry in the passport. The provisions on entry into Russia for Ukrainians has changed. Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada in the last year has registered an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers on the introduction of visas for Russians. However, if the deputies will vote for the visa regime with Russia, it will be only a recommendation to Cabinet.

“The operation of the Agreement poses an immediate threat to national security of Ukraine and must be stopped”, – says the authors of the draft resolution in the explanatory Memorandum.

In 2016 Ukraine went to 1.47 million Russians. The time of introduction of a visa regime will depend on the visa procedures. Their issuance the Ministry of foreign Affairs may arrange for or at the border, or at the consulates. In both cases, the foreign Ministry will have to spend money to increase staff. However, while Ukraine does not control the entire border, issuing visas at the border is unlikely. And to open new consulates Ukraine, the need to obtain a permit in the Russian Federation. Now Ukrainian representative offices in five Russian cities: Moscow, Rostov-on-don, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Besides, the visa regime will add guards and creates the queues at checkpoints.

When waiting for a visa regime with Russia

The greatest likelihood of introducing visas for Russians were in 2014, says Andrew Miseluk, Director of the Institute of socio-political design “Dialogue”. Because this policy issue raised every year, and probably this time the MPs nothing will. However, the analyst notes that to introduce a visa regime with Russia is necessary, but after regaining control over the border.

“This is not the first attempt of deputies to vote for the resolution. The biggest chance to make a decision on the visas was in the spring of 2014. Now the Verkhovna Rada from time to time coming back to this issue. In fact, it is a vicious cycle, saying it would be bad for our compatriots who travel to Russia. This time it’s the same again. This matter is to be discussed from time to time to prepare and politics and society to the introduction of a visa regime after the return border. This question is quite adequate and it is necessary to hold the attention”, – said the analyst.

In 2016, the Ministry of foreign Affairs did not support the initiative of deputies. The introduction of a reciprocal visa regime will complicate the entrance to the Russian Federation Ukrainians, considered in the Department. Only in 2016 in Russia went 3.8 million citizens of Ukraine. And the presence of uncontrolled borders negates the strengthening of national security through the introduction of visas for Russians. The foreign Ministry noted that the visa regime will require a significant increase in the number of consulates in Russia and financing the issuance of visas.

Russia will not go on reciprocal visa – experts. Photo: objavujsvet.sk

The question of the visa regime with Russia should be viewed in the context of the adoption of the law on occupied territories, said the Director of the research Center for civil society problems Vitaly Kulik. This law should regulate the termination of trade with the occupied territories, closure of borders and the special regime for the entry of the Russians.

“There should be a comprehensive law on occupied territories. Until the adoption of the visa regime will have both negative and positive aspects. Positive more in the political area – the regulation of traffic from Russia. This will encourage the identification and maintenance of registers of citizens of the Russian Federation, registration in the Ukrainian authorities”, – said Vitaly Kulik.

As visa would complicate the movement of citizens who live in the border area – the visa regime will create problems for seasonal workers. Also the Ukrainians will find it difficult to visit relatives. In turn, Russia is unlikely to impose a symmetric visa regime. According to Vitaly Kulik, Russia will build its image of a defender of Ukrainian citizens.

“Russia will go the way of simplification of obtaining of Ukrainian citizens Russian citizenship. She has already acknowledged the document “L/DNR”. Russia can do so that the owners of the passports “L/DNR” visa will not be needed, and with Ukrainian passports needed. Most likely, Russia will demonstrate that it protects Ukrainian citizens”, – the expert adds.