Obozrevatel (Ukraine): chewing frozen water, but the “broken” enemy. As “cyborgs” WCT desperately fought for Ukraine

  • Ukrainian military managed to beat coming into the new terminal invaders
  • “Cyborg” Oleg gervas told what the difficulties and hardships we had to overcome our military
  • Major-General Oleg Mikats is convinced that the heroism of our soldiers broke the plans of Russia and made it strong Ukrainian army


May 26, 2014 forever etched in the memory of Ukrainians — it has been exactly six years since the day when the battles for the Donetsk airport. This date is considered the beginning of defense of the DAP, which has become an example of incredible courage of the Ukrainian soldiers-“cyborgs”. Read more about the defense of the airport — in the article “Browser”.

In the night of may 26, 2014 Russian group entered the Donetsk airport and occupied part of the premises. Our military has put the ultimatum to lay down their arms and surrender. This, of course, did not happen. The battle began.

In the media center of the national security Council then stated that units of the army special forces, backed by military aircraft attacked terrorists who were trying to take control of Donetsk international airport. Were involved in the attack and army aviation, carried out the landing.

Three of our warriors had been injured, and the occupants lost about 50 killed. ATO forces took under control the airport.

The Ukrainian military kept the old and new airport terminals, a stronghold of the ATO forces was the village of Sands — and through him, the defenders of the airport supplying provisions and ammunition, were rotated. In the same village was deployed and artillery fire support.

The occupiers systematically stormed the terminal, occupying new positions, losing them and then cooking up a storm. As a result of the fighting was destroyed infrastructure of the airport — in December of 2014, a significant destruction got old terminal, and January 13, 2015 finally fell to the control tower that had been held back by the Ukrainian soldiers.

20 Jan 2015 occupation forces blew up a new terminal, concrete floors and ceiling in many sections collapsed, burying the Ukrainian defenders. January 22, 2015 surviving soldiers walked out of the terminal, however some of the wounded were captured.

Fighting for the Donetsk airport was among the fiercest in the war in the East of Ukraine. Defense of the Donetsk airport lasted for 242 days from may 2014 to 22 January 2015. Defending the Donetsk airport, killed 100 Ukrainian military.

“Cyborg” Oleg gervas served in the 90th battalion of the 81 brigade (Airborne assault troops). Was one of the undefeated defenders of the WCT, which was called “cyborgs”. In the 90th battalion came together with the most normal guys of the volunteers, who gathered the military.

“We have brought together a very diverse company. Before the war I was a welder, “North” and “Scar” — accountants, Pasha tuks were any other business. Huntsmen, guards, watchmen… And was very religious — a parishioner of a Protestant Church. But for them to defend their country’s right, and he went to war,” said Oleg.

Says about the army, and especially about the war, really no idea there. “I served military in 2001, but then this army was… the Main thing — to drive a soldier to bring some benefit. We are more used to work. And that’s what we were given at the site in Zhytomyr region before sending in the Donbass very useful to us”, — said gervas.

The fact that DaPa was difficult — to say nothing. Constant shelling and freezing cold. Food and water is worth its weight in gold. “Normally prepare a meal, of course, was not possible. To build a fire — the enemy will detect through the imager. Because canned food and biscuits. Frozen canned Stoke in the corner of the tablet dry alcohol — that’s all the food.

When I arrived in the WCT, this November 2014, we were immediately asked: “Guys, water is liquid there?” We did not at first understand. And she just froze. The water in the iron mug warmed — or rather, had broken the ice. Sometimes that gnawed frozen,” — says “cyborg”.

Another was a box of vitamins “REVITA”. Water drank, ate vitamins… And a couple times got special rations, it was chocolate and raisins — it was already “rich”.

“Cyborg” has received a severe wound and a contusion directly on the Meteotower of the Donetsk airport. “6 Dec 2014, us “congratulated”. When exported from the Tower, in the confusion of the lost and I was in the new terminal of the Donetsk airport. There is a little shoot and only the 7th of December I was taken to the Sands. War, anything can happen,” he recalls.

But over the years, Oleg says that has no regrets. I — an ethnic Russian with roots in the Baltic States, but Ukraine is my country. I was ready to die. Yes, we all understand that we can kill. But I have no regrets. “Cyborg” believes that decades later, people will remember the feat of the defenders of DAP, despite attempts to “revanchists” to rewrite history.

Major-General Oleg Mikats (chief of staff — first Deputy commander of the OK WEST coast) in 2014, commanded the 93rd Ombre, which together with other units of the Armed forces of Ukraine, volunteers kept the WCT. Mikats said that, thanks to the defenders of the airport, the occupants are unable to move further on Ukraine. “If our soldiers did not deter the occupiers would move further in the Donetsk region and went to the border of other regions of Ukraine”, — said the major-General.

However, all the plans of the Russian invaders were just fantasies, and their attacks were broken on the Donetsk airport. They are “broken off”. Also Mikats convinced that the heroic defense of DAP gave strength to the armed forces of Ukraine. “Got to spend the next wave of mobilization, to prepare, to recover the weapons and pull artillery. During this time our Armed forces were strengthened, people learned and were willing to continue to adequately repulse the Russian troops”, — he added.