Named for the main product of intelligence

Scientists said that the frequent consumption of fish has a positive effect on the intellectual development of the child. Fish also helps to build new cells and helps the immune system of the person, writes “Orthodox”.

Scientists have found that fish contributes to the intellectual development of children. It turned out that the information contained in seafood omega-3 have beneficial effects on the developing nervous system.

In his research project, scientists from the University of North Carolina recalled that fish contains large amounts of phosphorus, which are extremely useful for the brain. The greatest benefit for the body brings the meat haddock, cod, flounder, catfish, mackerel.

Experts also pointed to the fact that the fish helps the formation of new cells in children, vitamins a and D protect against problems in the skeletal system.

As reported by the dietician Yelena Tikhomirova, a substance found in fish really have a positive effect on the brain and nervous activity of man.

“I can say about adults that do fish is very useful product for nutrition, there is virtually no harmful substances. And, indeed, consumption of fish affects the intellectual activities and the physical. In fish, only healthy fats and it can be eaten practically without harm to the figures. The fish is still very useful for bones. Fish is good for your vessel — it reduces the level of bad cholesterol, a positive effect on the immune system. In General, such a versatile product,” she said.