Old technique — warmongering

This method is as old as the world.

I remember Potiphar’s wife.

About it you can read in the First book of Moses. Son of Jacob Joseph’s brothers betrayed and sold as a slave to Potiphar, who held a high position in Egypt.

Potiphar’s wife fell in love with a beautiful young man and tried to seduce him. Joseph refused, and an angry lady charged him with attempted rape, so Joseph went to prison.

In 1788 the Swedish king Gustav III needed a war with Russia to improve its tarnished status at home. But Catherine the Great was determined to fight, she had enough problems with the Turks.

What problems, thought Gustav ordered the Swedish soldiers, disguised as a Cossack uniform, attack on the Swedish patrol in one of the areas bordering Russia.

The king took care to order to falsify a telegram from St. Petersburg stating that Russia is preparing to attack Sweden. The war lasted three years and cost the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians on both sides.

In February 2003, us Secretary of state Colin Powell (Colin Powell) spoke at the UN General Assembly where he assured everyone that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and advanced program to develop nuclear weapons.

But it was a blatant lie, as many have already said then, for example, the Swede Hans bliks (Hans Blix).

But the others believe. Tony Blair (Tony Blair), Australia, Denmark, NATO, Swedish aggressive right-wing and many others. The war lasted more than eight years and claimed millions of innocent lives, leaving the country in ruins and turned the priceless cultural treasures in the ashes.

Colin Powell and George Bush (George W Bush) who should be held accountable in the Hague court, roam at large in his celebrated country. Shame.

Now history could repeat itself and this time want to crush Russia. Don’t need to be Putinists to feel chills running on the back.

This game is strikingly obvious.

If you did not work panic around the submarine in the Stockholm archipelago, and frightening propaganda about the Russian occupation of the port of Slite on Gotland (and to facilitate the laying of the Russian pipeline we, too, will not — for environmental reasons), then you need to force Sweden to participate in activities of NATO, as it has already happened with Turkey. Then certainly you can indulge in all serious: Russia is preparing for war!

Dear friends and citizens: don’t be fooled. This is just warmongering.


Sven Wolter, actor