What foods can cause pancreatitis

Passion too fatty or sweet foods will sooner or later lead to inflammatory diseases of the pancreas. Worst of all pancreatic tolerate carbonated drinks, fatty meals, sweets, coffee and spices, writes likar.info.


The gas bubbles cause great harm to the digestive system. They irritate the wall of the digestive tract, contributing to the development of gastritis and pancreatitis. The most dangerous are considered to be sweet drinks, because in addition to carbon dioxide, they also contain sweeteners, flavours and preservatives, contributing to the development of inflammatory processes in the digestive tract.

Fatty meals and ice cream

Fast food, prepared food and ice cream is a product that combines a “killer” dose of simple carbohydrates and fats. Of course, if you eat the ice-cream 1-2 times per week, your body is not in danger. But if junk food is prevalent in your diet, the problems can not be avoided.

Satiated fat food is very harmful for the sensitive pancreas. Such a meal forces the body to work hard, irritating not only the pancreas but also the liver.

Sweets and chocolate

As you know, in the pancreas produces the hormone insulin. It is essential to the body’s cells can feed on glucose. The more glucose enters the bloodstream, the more insulin your pancreas will produce. Accordingly, if you eat a lot of chocolate and sweets, the pancreas will constantly be under tension. Originally, this load develops, the inflammatory process, but then iron is simply unable to produce the hormone in the right quantity.


Coffee lovers should be very careful with this beverage. In fact, this drink is not so harmful as write about it. However, if you observe moderation – no more than 2 cups of brewed coffee. Excessive consumption of the drink leads to enhanced production of digestive enzymes that destroy the walls of organs, including the pancreas. Especially bad coffee on an empty stomach.

Sharp spices and herbs

The pancreas does not like spicy food, spices and herbs. Substances in these products can irritate the mucosa of the gland, contributing to the development of acute inflammatory processes.