Oxford is looking for volunteers to test vaccine against coronavirus

The first phase of the vaccine trials began in April

Oxford University said that moving onto the next phase of clinical studies of a vaccine against coronavirus.

This has already started to recruit volunteers for drug testing. For studies to 10.2 thousand adults and children.

The first phase of the vaccine trials began in April, now the University goes to the second and then the third phase, during which specialists intend to test the vaccine on members of different age categories. It is planned to test the vaccine among more people than at the first stage.

“Clinical research is going very well. Now we have started the research aimed at assessing the vaccine triggers an immune response from the older people,” said Professor Andrew Pollard, part of a research group, Oxford University.

Oxford University has been collaborating in the development of the vaccine from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

She leads discussions with governments around the world to expand access to the vaccine. In addition, the company is negotiating with the serum Institute of India and other potential partners to increase the scale of production and distribution of the vaccine.

According to the world health organization, the world is developing more than 100 vaccines against coronavirus. At least eight of them are already under clinical trials.

Earlier it was reported that China will be the first country that will be able to get the vaccine against the new coronavirus. This opinion was voiced by a virologist Florian Krammer of the research center at new York network hospitals Mount Sinai.