Ukrainians are not ready to protest and want the EU, while budget expenditures increased figures and events of the week


56% of Ukrainians are not ready
protest in case of inaction of the authorities failure to fulfil their promises, lack of reforms, according to a survey conducted in may-June of this year, the Gorshenin Institute jointly with the representative office of the Foundation. Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Belarus. However, 35% are ready to protest in this case.58% of respondents believe that their quality of life does not depend on how they vote in the elections, 35% think that depends.

72% of Ukrainians do not plan
trips to Europe in the near future, despite the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU, according to a survey conducted by the Institute Gorshenin. Of those who do not plan to go to Europe, 77% are unable to do this due to financial situation, 15% no desire, 14% does not allow health status, 9% are not able to leave because of care for children or relatives. According to this survey, 57% of Ukrainians have never been abroad.

52% of Ukrainians believe
that the country should integrate into the European Union, 10% are in favour of closer cooperation with the Customs Union of the Eurasian economic Union, according to the results of a joint poll of Institute of Gorshenin. 25% of respondents were against integration with the EU and the customs Union.

46% of Ukrainians would support
a referendum on NATO membership, while 33% would vote against, according to the results of a joint poll of Gorshenin Institute and the mission of the Foundation.Friedrichebert in Ukraine and Belarus. In the West of Ukraine support joining the Alliance, 77% of respondents in the East – 29%, South – 22%.

Up to 35% of the loan amount
increased European Bank for reconstruction and development, the amount of compensation on the credits, obtained for implementation of energy efficient measures in the framework of the IQ Energy (was 15% and 20%).The maximum amount of compensation available one natural persons for loans under the program remained unchanged and amounts to 3 thousand Euro.As of the end of February 2017 program IQ Energy used by about 1.5 million households.

About 3 thousand messages
from physical and legal persons for blocking the operation of computer equipment virus-cryptographer received a Department of police of National police of Ukraine as of July 10. Official statements obtained about 1,500, 800 for him openly criminal proceedings under article 361 of the criminal code.

95.5 thousand Ukrainians
crossed the border for the month of the visa-free regime with the European Union. The refusal of entry received only 50 people, said the Department of consular service of the foreign Ministry.

2.6 billion UAH
budgetary funds allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers through the State regional development Fund for the implementation of 767 projects in education, healthcare, road infrastructure and utilities. Total funding through the state Fund for regional development this year will amount to UAH 3.5 billion.

300 million UAH
the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated for the further realization of the program “warm” loans. 260 million of this amount will be provided to individuals for the weatherization of individual housing; 10 million to replace boilers; 30 million on energy efficiency measures for condominiums and housing cooperatives.

increased the volume of hryvnia deposits in Ukrainian banks in June, to 447,2 billion UAH currency increased by 0.46% to $ 13.3 billion. According to the NBU, since the beginning of year the volume of hryvnia deposits increased by 5%, currency – decreased by 0.5%.

UAH 100 million
The national Agency for prevention of corruption emits from the state budget for funding in the 3rd quarter of the statutory activities of six political parties represented in Parliament.

380 million UAH
budgetary funds were inefficiently spent in 2016 because of the excessive volume of the state order for training in higher educational institutions. According to Finance Minister Alexander danyluk, the plan for recruiting students was not made by 14.8 thousand people, the money is transferred, and students are not scored. Over the past four years, so it was inefficiently used by 1.2 billion UAH.


rose in June in annual terms, passenger car production in Ukraine up to 725 units, which is 9.5 per cent higher than in may-2017. This increase is due, in particular, the fact that in June Zaporizhia automobile building plant produced the 199 cars, whereas in June-2016.

20 banks did not have time
to be completed until July 11, capitalization of 200 million UAH, the national Bank can admit their problem. The NBU has used this sanction banks that failed to cope with the task of increasing capital to 120 mln UAH. by June 17, 2016, then this negative status.

40.7 billion
feliciana the Verkhovna Rada expenditures of the state budget in 2017 – until 841,1 billion. Additional funds will be allocated for housing subsidies, defense and security, agriculture, medicine, road construction, etc. at the same time increased the revenue part of the budget so that its deficit limit will not change.

22.5 billion UAH
has added the Ministry of Finance to the nationalized capital of PrivatBank. Funds are allocated in the form of bonds of internal state loan(it is issued with a maturity of up to 17 years and interest rate up to 9.8% per annum). The second tranche, UAH 16 billion, will be listed closer to the end of autumn. Its volume can be reduced in case of development and implementation of the Bank strategy collateral received as repayment of loans and the profits of the Bank.

The world

decreased sales of passenger cars in China in the first half in annual terms, the decline marked the first time since 2005, which is associated with the increase in the rate of purchase tax small cars. In the first half of last year, sales of passenger cars in China surged by 9.23% – to 10.84 million due to lower tax on the purchase of cars with engine capacity less than 1.6 liters to 5% from 10%. From the beginning of 2017, the tax rate was increased to 7.5%. The decline in sales could be more significant if the automakers increased discounts, through which customers in the first half paid on average 80% of the price of the car, compared with 82% a year earlier.

Up to 1 billion dollars a year
plans to put Royal Dutch Shell in the unit responsible for the development of renewable energy sources. The company pays attention to opportunities in projects where one set of batteries is not enough: for air, sea and heavy road transport, where more than current hydrogen fuel, liquefied natural gas and biofuels of the new generation.

1.5 million people
or 0.3% increase in the population of the European Union for 2016 and reached 511,8 million people, the report says Eurostat. The population increased in 18 EU countries and declined in 10. The maximum growth in percentage terms was recorded in Luxembourg (of 19.8 people per 1000 inhabitants), Sweden (14,5), Malta (13,8), Italy (10,6), Austria (9.5 in), Germany and Cyprus (7.6). In the UK the growth rate was a record in history (0,65%) due to the influx of migrants. In 2016, the EU gave the status of refugees, 390 thousand persons, from them 280 thousand falls on Germany.

decreased for the second quarter global shipments of personal computers, to 61,1 million units According to research firm Gartner, PC shipments declining for the 11th quarter in a row. However, the pace of decline has begun to slow down: if in 2016 the reduction in the first and second quarters amounted to 9.6% and 5.2%, in the current of 2.4% and 4.3%.First sales came HP ahead of Lenovo in the lead earlier. HP has sold for the second quarter of 12.7 million computers, its market share was 20.8%. followed by Lenovo with 19.9%,Dell (15.6 percent), Apple (6.9%) and Asus (6.6 per cent).

Of 4.20 billion
is the cost of the most expensive sports club in the world. According to Forbes magazine, is the American football team “the Dallas Cowboys” playing in the National football League (NFL). In the TOP 51 most expensive got 29 teams from the NFL (out of 32 members of the League), seven of clubs from the National basketball Association (NBA), eight Major League baseball (MLB), and seven — football (non-American form of this game).

The first “ten” ranking:

1. “Dallas Cowboys” (NFL) — 4.2 billion dollars;
2. “New York Yankees” (MLB) — $ 3.7 billion;
3. “Manchester United” (soccer, England) — 3,69 billion dollars;
4. Barcelona (football, Spain) — 3,64 billion dollars;
5. Real Madrid (Soccer, Spain) — 3,58 billion dollars;
6. “New Englandpellet” (NFL) — $ 3.4 billion;
7. “New York Knicks” (NBA) — $ 3.3 billion;
8. “New York giants” (NFL) — $ 3.1 billion;
9-10. “San Francisco Fortyniners” (NFL) — $ 3 billion;
9-10. “Los Angeles Lakers” (NBA) — $ 3 billion.