The United States urged the who to begin the investigation of the suppression of coronavirus

The United States urges the organization to begin preparations for the investigation

The United States urges the world health organization (who. – Ed.) now to start working for an independent investigation of the response to the pandemic coronavirus.

On it informs Associated Press.

In a letter to US called for the organization to begin preparations for the investigation, in particular, to develop guidelines for investigation.

Previously, trump has published a letter to the Director General of the who to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus, which warned that if the organization in the next 30 days will not take on commitments for “substantial improvements” in its work, the U.S. decision on temporary freezing of financing for who will become permanent. Also, the us President said he would reconsider the question of membership in this organization.

According to him, the only way for who to restore confidence, is to demonstrate “independence from China”.

The President of the United States Donald trump is in the middle of April, has accused the who of concealing information about the real extent of the epidemic in China and disinformation of the world community in the interests of Beijing. Then he suspended the payment of United States contributions to the who.