Correspondent (Ukraine): a play on the glade

About dealing with Zelensky in a clearing in the Park.

1. The office of the President of Ukraine has called this view, which looked who were interested, the press conference.

2. Yes, there on the lawn attended by journalists, though some are deliberately not accredited.

3. But it was the action as the contest of the captain of KVN. Journalists asked questions, and Zelensky had to find a good answer.

4. In my opinion, won the answer to the question from NewsOne TV channel, that this channel, you can watch but not listen. Here is just Bravo!)

5. But seriously, everything that happened, once more confirmed the incompetence of the team Zelensky.

6. Perhaps they claim to creativity, change of format, but if the meaning is lost, it is not creativity, and incompetence.

7. That’s why we saw a nervous reaction Zelensky, heard “word market”, which is not customary for either the President or some journalists

8. So.

And it’s supposed to be like this:

  • short opening remarks for 5-10 minutes tops (2 minutes to read one sheet of text);
  • the first part of the speech about the fulfillment of the promises;
  • the second part of the errors and plan to correct them;
  • the third part of the strategic vision on issues of war, the impact of the pandemic, economic recovery and development.


9. Then we would not have a lot of questions that have been repeated and irritated Zelensky.

10. Some promise for everything good and against everything bad.