They risk more than women: five tips for men, how to protect against coronavirus (Yeni Şafak, Turkey)

As you know, the coronavirus that causes the disease of the century, which, together with the world has affected our country — especially dangerous for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases. While research shows that for men older than 50 years the risks are high.

Specialist in pulmonary diseases, associate Professor, Dr. hajer Kuzu Okur (Hacer Kuzu Okur) spoke about the main reasons why the coronavirus, rapidly spread throughout the world starting from the Chinese city of Wuhan, affects men more than women, as well as important warnings and recommendations.


Owing to the positive impact of estrogen (the female hormone) on the immune system, it promotes that women have stronger immunity than men, and consequently greater resistance to many diseases.

The number of chromosomes

Scientific studies show that genes regulating the immune system, are contained in the X chromosome, here, the men are less fortunate than women. Women have two X chromosomes, while males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. A greater number of X chromosomes makes women stronger than men, in terms of immunity.


Men can have more comorbidities, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And because men older than 50 years these diseases are much more common, they are more vulnerable to infections.

Stress management

Men, as a rule, more difficult to cope with stress than women. While women are more willing to share their problems with friends and family, allowing them to relieve stress, men in most cases, keep problems inside. It also puts them at a disadvantage and may influence the susceptibility to disease.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and alcohol also what is called self-fulfilling covid-19, and many other diseases. Due to the fact that Smoking and alcohol consumption more common among men, it again makes them more vulnerable to infection COVID-19 and affects the course of the disease.

Unhealthy lifestyle

“To protect against covid-19 it is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, — said Dr. hajer Kuzu Okur. — Many rules, from sleep to nutrition, from exercise to hygienic measures, men do not give such value as women. Men don’t care on a par with women on the acquisition of healthy habits of life, and therefore they are more exposed to the threat. Given that men over the age of 50 doing less exercise, dinner at late hours, the consumption of meat and salt in large quantities also increases the risk. Due to activities such as cleaning, washing dishes, women wash their hands more often than men and use more soap.”

Five important warning for men over 50 years!

— Refrain from alcohol and Smoking

— Control over your chronic disease, and observe treatment

— To cope with stress, try to share their problems with friends and family, not to keep emotions in yourself

— Wash your hands often and use more soap

— Guidelines to follow a healthy lifestyle like good sleep, balanced diet and exercise