People’s daily (China): China brought out of poverty 700 million people in the country

Over the past 40 years a total of more than 700 million Chinese out of poverty. Very soon, China will complete the task at the decisive eradication of poverty. How could China do that?

Since 1978, when China began a policy of reform and opening up, the poor in rural China declined significantly. With the introduction of the system of family Contracting responsibility, the average income per capita in rural areas increased every year.

In 1986 the Chinese government established a special mechanism for work aimed at combating poverty, was allocated from the Central budget special funds for helping those in need and determined the course of the fight against poverty through the development and development of rural areas.

In 1994, China launched a new State programme of poverty reduction. In the Program it was stated that it takes approximately 7 years (1994-2000) to solve the problem of providing food and clothing of 80 million needy people in rural areas.

From 2001 to 2011, China alternately carried out two programs of support for development in poor rural areas of the country, intensified efforts to combat poverty.

In November 2013 during an inspection visit to the Western regions of Hunan, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee XI Jinping first put forward the important idea of “providing targeted assistance to those in need.”

“Targeted assistance to the needy, focused getting rid of poverty” is a complex of political measures aimed at the development of specific methods in accordance with defined reasons that led to poverty.

Depending on the conditions of individuals, families and villages were carried out corresponding measures. “Targeted assistance to the needy and targeted getting rid of poverty” became the main strategy of cracking a new round of poverty eradication. In poor areas, the level of basic public services continuously increases, consumption expenditure per capita in rural areas increased.

In 2020, China would completely eliminate absolute poverty, 1.4 billion Chinese people together will enter into the society of average prosperity. This means that China is 10 years earlier to carry out the first item of the sustainable development Goals of the UN for the period up to 2030.

Over the past 40 years the share of Chinese contribution to global poverty reduction exceeded 70%.

2020 is the year of the final victory of China in a decisive struggle for the elimination of poverty. China will firmly move toward your goals and accomplish tasks and contribute to the eradication of poverty in the world.