Repairmen accidentally painted over expensive paintings Banksy

Workers invited for repair of hotel Geejam in Jamaica, was mistakenly painted over a few of works by famous street artist Banksy that adorn its walls.

Destroyed were five of the 11 stencil images that Banksy has covered the walls of one of the villas of the hotel when it opens in 2006. The artist is an old acquaintance of the hotel owner and painted the walls as a gift, reports the Daily Mail.

Black-and-white images were presented, in particular, rats that appear regularly in the paintings of Banksy.

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The total cost of all 11 stencil was estimated at about four million dollars. It is reported that the workers accepted the painting for the “wild” graffiti and had to cover them with two thick coats of white paint before the error was discovered.

It is expected that work on the removal of paint can cost about 150 thousand dollars, while there are no guarantees that it will be possible to restore the original appearance of the paintings.

Hotel Geejam located in the area of Port Antonio on the island of Jamaica, are very popular among world celebrities. Here, in particular, stayed Tom cruise, Sharon stone and Katy Perry. A number of famous musicians such as Amy Winehouse, björk, Gwen Stefani and the group “the rolling stones”, recorded their albums.