Actual (Bulgaria): the Russian system “Shell” ridiculed in Libya

The strength of the national consensus government (NTC) has destroyed Russian anti-aircraft missile complex “Carapace C-1” used by the army of field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot near the town of Tarhuna, 80 km from the capital of Libya. It was previously reported that the NTC troops have captured another damaged, according to Russian sources, zrpk “Armour C-1” during the seizure of the airbase of al-Vatiya. According to sources, he was acquired by the UAE to support the Libyan national army, led by the Haftarot.



The armour can be destroyed if he ran out of ammo, and it still does not relocated, or if there is damage to the electronics.

The Besen Azovec

Pantsir s-1 is a defense if it gets in an RPG, this is logical, he is not a tank! It is to hit on the “Armor”?


Damaged zrpk “Armour C-1”!! This can not be! Russian equipment has no analogues, no? How can it hurt?


Don’t believe it, look better on YouTube, they’re lying again, only part of the antenna is damaged!


The complex is destroyed, until transported to the front in tow. He was no longer active, in one video it is shown that the radar does not rotate. The Turks used these moments to their advantage and bombed Shells with drones, until they were transported.


Perhaps if you read other media, realize that “Armor” was in its hangar, not on duty… that, in fact, true.


It is important that when Russia operates its military equipment, it unites everything and controls everything, and thus pushes back the coalition of 50 countries. PS the article says nothing about this.


We are from the 16th Republic is strongly against the publication of such news. About Russia publish only good news.


Shells super. But there are two points: 1 — the value of equipment is determined by the value of the operator, and 2 defense is created on the levels of different elements and different ground cover. To capture the air defense system on earth — not to issue a certificate about the quality, stupid title. These Shells sold to Qatar, they included the forces of the NTC in Tripoli, to fight the Haftarah, part of it is in different region of Turkey and Egypt, Qatar and SA, Italy and France! Yes, Italy and France support, including weapons, different troops of Libya. But who will tell you exactly what belongs to whom, so you could, first of all, to please the people.

Hourd Lucart

The Turkish army in Syria and Libya showed that Russian military equipment is only effective on the red square…


They are the twin towers destroyed in the laughter, apparently, wanted to raise…


False article, Russian air defense systems are the best, no joking.

Nai-opasnet alive on one of planetta

There is no weapon that cannot be destroyed. The thing is to catch him unprepared. War is an art. The winner is soldier whose training is better. That’s all, the rest of the debate.