Stepanov told who will be free to do tests for antibodies to the coronavirus

Be added risk: doctors, police, employees of the National guard

In Ukraine are preparing to launch mass ELISA test for antibodies to the coronavirus. About this during the daily briefing on the situation with COVID-19 in the country, said health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

“We have developed a corresponding algorithm, changes in the standard of medical care to patients coronaviruses disease, which is directly regulated by the mechanism of testing,” – said the Minister.

According to him, by ELISA tests, the health Ministry is going to “significantly expand the group of people that we test”.

“And this algorithm is quite reconciled. We have a category of people who will have a combination of PCR testing and ELISA testing. For example, there are people who have clinical manifestations of coronavirus disease clinical symptoms. First, we are doing PCR testing. If two PCR tests negative, we suggest to do the ELISA test for antibodies,” said Stepanov.

Also, according to the Minister, the ELISA test will be extended to the contact persons – close relatives.

“Will be added to the risk group: doctors, police officers, employees of the National guard and other”, – said Stepanov.