The war and Stalin

Moscow — Half (50 %) of the interviewed citizens of Russia fully endorses the role of Joseph Stalin during world war II. These are the results made public before the may 9 poll, the Pro-Kremlin Fund “Public opinion”.

The share of respondents, positively evaluating the activities of Stalin in the war years, has grown over the last 12 years is 10%, and the number of those who to this is negative, decreased by 3% to 8 %. Another 32% are inclined to believe that the “great leader” played both a positive and a negative role.

Also on the eve of may 9, President Vladimir Putin congratulated the anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany leaders of several neighboring countries, formerly part of the Soviet Union, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and separately — “citizens of Georgia and Ukraine” without mentioning the reason in the text of the message of the inhabitants of the Baltic States.

Professor of the Moscow economic Institute Igor Chubais believes that the shift towards a positive perception of Russians Stalin was solely as a result of “strictly adhere to propaganda line of the Kremlin.”

“This is a purely propaganda effect, he said in an interview with “Voice of America”. — The attitude to Stalin changed it is not due to the fact that open any new documents and facts, and it all depends on what kind of policy holds power. Under Khrushchev, Stalin suddenly became a criminal, under Brezhnev, the name of tyrant tried to mention in principle, when Gorbachev began the critique of Stalinism, while Putin’s attempts to revive the inhumane regime”.

So is the rise the person who is guilty “in a totally incompetent government and the conduct of war,” said the Professor.

“This immoral behavior of power makes the value of something that is pure evil, he added. And the explanation is simple: the current Russian government — a real successor and continuer of the Soviet Union, from the heritage which take into service, by and large, nothing. There is a monstrous story. There is only the myth about the Patriotic war and Stalin’s role in it. So they cling to it.”

Although defeated in the Second world, as you know, the coalition, — said Igor Chubais.

“Besides, it was the Soviet Union and was involved in the outbreak of the war, he signed a secret Protocol with Germany, he continued. — But there is an underlying falsification of history under the guise of fight against this falsification, and simple, not burdened with knowledge, citizens, peck at the bait. And alone the Soviet Union, the Nazis could not win, that was recognized even by Stalin. But to be fair, the Americans and British have been extremely difficult to win without us.”

However, the losses suffered by the allies, absolutely not comparable with the losses suffered by our country, and this is just the fault of Stalin, concluded the Professor.

Opposition politician and former state Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov also believes that the increase in positive perception of the figure of Stalin among Russians — “first and foremost the merit of propaganda.”

“Although, of course, to ascribe the victory to the merits of the bloody dictator, who believed that for the sake of victory can go on everything, including the monstrous victim, is immoral, — he said in a commentary, “Voice of America”. But people don’t know and am not ready for this. Many people prefer to hide your head in the sand and not want to understand that we were allies of Hitler, refused to join in a military Alliance against him and as a result have become victims of the policy of their leaders, the same Stalin”.

Yes, the people made a great feat, but where is the political power, which during the war once again showed its all-cannibalistic nature, asks the politician.

“I think it comes from the fact that society still has been no serious discussion of the outcomes of the Second world war, he said. — In fact, if not for Stalin, the war would have been won with England, America and other allies with much smaller losses and suffering. After all, what happened on the fronts, other than a genocide of the Soviet people can not be called. People were simply driven to certain death, guns, bunkers and fields are mined, corpses strewing the path to victory.”

And there’s no excuse, signed Gennady Gudkov. In his opinion, the people won the war “in spite of the vile and criminal regime”.