“Lasts for years”: the ex-wife of rapper Seregi said about his addiction

“Lasts for years”: the ex-wife of rapper Seregi said about his addiction

Pauline Ololo worried about the fate of the sons

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 14:34

Recently the ex-wife of rapper Seregi (Polygraph ШарикоFFа) Pauline Ololo said that he had not seen his children for over 113 days. According to the woman, the musician took her sons Mark and Plato, and is not going to give their mother never. But Pauline was not going to give up and intends to sue the former spouse.

Moreover, I will no longer be silent and promised to tell some details about the life Seregi. On his page on Instagram, the woman accused Sting of forgery: “When I spoke publicly, a lot of information was given, hoping that Sergei come to their senses, what does he do, bring the children, or at least find a compromise, as you can see our children and not hurt their lives. I have made it clear that the children I see. It goes beyond all boundaries in the lives of young children and of the law! Export abroad on forged documents is a criminal liability to him and to the notary.”

Pauline also added that it is worried about the fate of children. After all, their famous father is unable to soberly assess the world, and feeds the sons of the seeds.

“The dependence of Sergei, which lasts not the first year. Out in a sober world, he can only with droppers, knows all of our close circle of friends. Also confirmed that since the last project he was expelled for this reason,” said Pauline.

Earlier we wrote that the ex-wife has publicly appealed to Sergei.