How to detect a depression

Depression is a serious mental condition that can take years. Find out what unexpected signs that you have depression.

Sign 1. You are a lot of fuss
I think that a depressed person necessarily tired, sleeps a lot and not eating? In fact, there are many types of depression. Doctor of medical Sciences jhula Holland says that there is a lesser known type of depression in which a person feels anxious, becomes fussy and agitated. Therefore, it is important to watch for changes in sleeping patterns and General behavior, level of energy and habits, writes “Home”.

Characteristic 2. You somehow started to hurt
You can on a physical level to feel depressed. Headaches, chronic abdominal pain are the most frequent types of pain in depression. Do not think that they exist only in your head, and should only calm the nerves, as the pain will be. Sometimes depression gives rise to the emergence of a new disease or contributes to chronic relapse.

Sign 3. You can’t think straight
You never used to have any problems with solving complex business problems, and now sit on a simple problem for half a day and can’t figure out what to do. Pay special attention if you have any problems with memorization and perseverance. A study in PLoS ONE 2013, which was attended by 4,500 people aged 60 years and older, showed that the slowdown in the pace of work is often associated with depression.

4. symptom You are all annoying
You slept, well fed, not tired at work, but still annoying all around? In 2013 conducted a study and found that more than half of people suffering from depression, experiencing irritability and anger, often without apparent reason. They lose their composure in situations that never take them out of balance.

Sign 5. Your tastes is out of control
Yes, a couple of days in the month you are drawn to sweet and flour (usually during PMS), and this is normal. But if the majority of days in the month you are unable to stay within the diet and absorb carbohydrate foods without any control, think about it: maybe you have depression? The brain desperately needs serotonin, the hormone which gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and the easiest way to get it is to eat sweet.