We Are The Mighty (USA): forget about Godzilla, Russia is building a new sea monster

We call Godzilla king of the monsters, although during the cold war in the Caspian sea was also a bit cramped from monsters.

Now Russia is building a new Caspian monster.

As reported by the Russian Embassy in South Africa, “the Seagull” A-050 should be adopted in 2020. This machine belongs to a class of airfoil boats, or hovercrafts. The Soviet Union during the cold war used these hybrids aircraft mainly due to the fact that they possessed unique properties, combining the quality of the aircraft and ship.

According to the website militaryfactory.com one of such examples is the class ekranoplan “LUN”. The maximum speed of this car is 550 kilometers per hour, that is, slightly less than the American b-29 “Superfortress”, which developed a speed of 575 kilometers per hour. However, the “LUN” carried on Board six anti-ship missiles P-270 “Moskit” that are in limited use on surface ships such as destroyers of the project 956 and missile boats of project 1241. “LUN” could rise into the air to a height of over 7,000 meters.

As reported in 2015 website Valuewalk.com, “the Seagull” A-050 will have the speed of 485 kilometers per hour, and the range of 4 800 km. The ekranoplan can carry at least nine tons of cargo or 100 passengers. But Sputnik News Agency reported that the Russians can set up on a new winged missile “BrahMos”.

The missile BrahMos is a version of anti-ship missiles P-800 “Onyx” (the export version – “Yakhont”), and some armed ships of the Indian Navy. According to the Center for strategic and international studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies), the BrahMos can reach speeds up to M=2.8 and has a launch range of 500 kilometers. The rocket 300-kilogram warhead, and it is designed to engage surface ships and ground targets. This missile can be used from submarines and surface ships.