Bulk — Garant Putin?

Russian politics is a fascinating pastime and the subject of analysis for specialists of different profiles, from forensics to psychiatry. If you take, for example, Zhirinovsky, for him the penal code – as the magazine “Murzilka” for the Soviet student. He is the man with no brakes and conscience. Besides a passion to despise the laws, of course, the main act of the Russian policy is to spit on the Constitution. When it comes to holding power, those in power easily forget about democracy and once again become royalty, transmitting the power by the designated successors. As if he had not overthrown the king, and cursed him for all generations to come, defying the Royal tradition.

Seventeen years ago, Boris Yeltsin continued the old Communist tradition and named him as his successor Putin, saying, here it is, the next President, asked to choose and favor. In the Politburo, always knew who would be the next Secretary-General. Then it was simply a new Soviet leader who voted in a narrow range. Now one suffering, we must look for an alternative way to create the appearance of democratic elections. But the essence remains the same: the named successors were, are and will be, until there is a territorial entity called Russia.

Putin on Friday told students that he, too, is the successor name was not called. Now the Russians suffer guessing, assessing who will give the right to command 140 million population: to calculate the options, follow the words of Putin, analyze who is closest to the sun, who will be the new luminary. Candidates as always a few, there are staff — Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov, Yavlinsky, and unexpected — the independent candidate Alexei Navalny. And although by law he is not allowed to be a candidate because of criminal convictions in 2013, 2014 and 2017, it may not necessarily be an obstacle — if there is such a need for the Kremlin, the sentences can be canceled, as happened many times in the elections of deputies of different levels.

Whether Navalny to run, yet no one surely can’t say, but he has already catapulted the game for the throne trial balloon late last year and promised that in the event of his victory guarantees the inviolability of Putin and his family. All the thieves and crooks will, and his will not. Bulk repeated all what says Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who a year ago told the British newspaper The Guardian: “in our country, too much hate. Our society is too fragmented. Someone needs to start forgiving. If we feel people are more moral than our opponents, and we hope, to forgive we need to start. No matter how it was hard”.

Khodorkovsky because of mental circumstances of the Russian population is unlikely to ever become a politician of the first magnitude, a Bulk candidate anywhere — Russian, gray-eyed, handsome, himself a “Russian nationalist”, “krymnashevets”. Recently on “Echo of Moscow”, he again reiterated his desire to pardon Putin: “I believe that if Putin would agree to peaceful transit of power and will not go to the aggravation of the situation, specifically to him, his family can be given immunity, but Medvedev is not our problem.”


Threatening Medvedev, Navalny said his palaces and castles, and on the questions “what is the difference between Putin and Medvedev?”, Navalny said that “well, because Putin, after all, specifically, Putin himself is one of the foundations of this power. It personally many things hold. He personally took power from Yeltsin, became the successor and usurped that power. He did it. Medvedev is a nobody.” It turns out that “nobody” have to answer for someone who “power base”. If you try to understand his thought, it turns out that he is the successor, which wouldn’t hurt the king-priest, and will protect him. However, Bulk and Igor strelkov (Girkin) refused to call a war criminal.


It is going to have a handful of facts that when matched indicate proximity to the mental Navalny and Putin


Anyway, it is going to have a handful of facts that when matched indicate proximity to the mental Navalny and Putin — the two Imperials, both like the process of “gathering Russian lands”, and who does not like the return of the Crimea, that is the explanation about the sandwich. Navalny talks about the improvement of the courts, but avoids talking about the reform of the unsustainable system. He is the ideological guardian of the Empire, the Cerberus site, a supporter of great power. In the absence of real rivals of his youth, overbearing and Russian, he really seems real heir, successor, Putin.

And that, in fact, weird? History knows a great number of cases where power was vested in a strange political situations. First of all, Putin himself became heir to Yeltsin, without any prior training of the population, just six months after his public activities in the position of Prime Minister. Putin was Yeltsin the Savior of the remnants of the Russian Empire, when the year over year growing discontent of the population periodically heady President, quickly aging and not hiding their fear of losing power. And the elite, and the Russians have taken Putin due to the same qualities that now has the Bulk. Putin was in 2000, 47 years old, the Bulk in the following turns 42. Both technically “Russian”, if deeply not to dig into the origin. Both speak about the greatness of Russia, the great Russian people, Putin is in the entourage of Russian nationalists, Navalny himself a “Russian nationalist”, as he claims.

Seven years after the Bolshevik revolution heir in 1924 became a candidate Stalin. On the one hand, Lenin did not want this, but the environment is not lost to pressure uneducated Georgian horseman. Stalin had no heirs, he was suspected, and the independent candidate Beria did not manage to seize power in the Kremlin, he himself was arrested. The main in the Soviet Union was Khrushchev, who was stigmatized predecessor Stalin, but soon himself became a victim of self-promoted Brezhnev. Then there was the period of the annual the funeral, while Boris Yeltsin buried the Soviet Union, becoming an independent candidate and the first President of the new Russia. Voting for the new General secretaries of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee was generally unanimous, and the guarantee was lifetime Board.

In other countries and other political systems continuity of government occurred in unusual and sometimes surprising circumstances, and it was due to the objective reasons. After the fall of the monarchy in 1936 Spain could become the bulwark of Soviet socialism in Europe, a country with dramatically falling economy and repression against the Church, until the generals started a rebellion against the socialists. Since 1939, Spain had established the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, which lasted until November 1975. Since 1947, Spain was considered a monarchy with a vacant place of the king, until July 22, 1969, Francisco Franco was appointed heir to the throne of 31-year-old Juan Carlos, who ascended the throne on 22 November 1975. Himself Franco resigned as head of government in 1973 and died of natural causes, after receiving guarantees of immunity due to the fact that he initiated the revival of the monarchy and produced a future king.

The unusual history of the Norwegian monarchy in 1905, when, after more than four centuries the history of the Norwegian Kingdom, then the Union with Denmark and Sweden, June 22, 1906, the coronation of the Danish Prince Carl became king of Norway Haakon VII. The amazing story of the last Bulgarian Tsar Simeon II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty, which was deposed by the Soviet authorities in 1946 after four years of rule. He was only 6 years old during the ascent to the throne, and therefore, in view of his childhood according to the Tarnovo Constitution on his behalf was ruled by a Regency Council.

In 2001, after exile, he returned to Bulgaria and was appointed Prime Minister when they formed a coalition “National movement of Simeon II” won the parliamentary elections. A citizen of Bulgaria Simeon Borisov Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was Prime Minister of Bulgaria a little more than four years. 6 July 2009 press conference, Simeon II declared his retirement from politics.

Of course, monarchs, no one dares to guarantee security — they are kings or the kings, but in modern history there are other examples — for example, providing guarantees to General Augusto Pinochet, who was one of the organizers of the military coup in Chile on 11 September 1973. From December 1974 to March 1990, he served as President of Chile, being both commander of the armed forces of the country. He was the initiator of tough economic reforms, restoring the country after the socialist Salvador Allende. Even when Pinochet resigned after losing the elections, he remained commander-in-chief. In early 1998, Pinochet resigned from his post as commander of land forces, however, remained, in accordance with the Constitution, a Senator.

In the post-Soviet space, not many countries can boast of election authorities. Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia — where it is in one form or another remains. Almost feudal-monarchical remain the state system of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. In Kyrgyzstan over 26 years of independence, there were two coup whose aim was the violent overthrow of Askar Akayev and Kurmanbek Bakiyev. In Georgia, only one President — Mikheil Saakashvili — worked two of the constitutional term. His predecessors Zviad Gamsakhurdia and Eduard Shevardnadze was deposed, first in a coup organized by the second, the second has resigned in the rose Revolution. Now Saakashvili is being persecuted.

Russian politics is absolutely closed, if someone was publicly speaking about his plans or programmes, it is not always it can be regarded as the real intention, the people soon convinced of the falsity of this or that politician. This tradition is very ancient, from the days when the princes on the territory of modern Central Russia hated, fought and schemed each other. The Soviet system had nothing to do with democracy, and therefore of the Communist bosses were the successors of monarchical traditions, and they are more likely to guarantee a link, jail or execution, than the preservation of life. A living opponent is always the enemy, considered the founders of the Russian state.

In modern Russia security guarantees — this is just an attempt to gain a few years of life in politics, as anyone who was at the head of the country, was and still is a potential criminal, a lawbreaker and usurper of power. For each in the Penal code and can be selected the corresponding article. In fact, these circumstances forced the Secretary General to sit as long as possible in the chair, however, and the current post-Soviet feudal lords. When Vladimir Putin answered the questions about his successor, he noted that the successor is, all the leaders of the countries, but this choice is only a recommendation. And to choose the head of the country can only be the whole people, — said Putin was embarrassed to clarify that he was the successor unfamiliar to the population for whom it will still vote.

Why Bulk makes statements on security assurances — still a mystery. This can be a kind of PR move in order to intercept part of the ideological supporters of Putin. But it is likely he has an agreement to participate in the election campaign of Putin in the form of “kick player”, and it is a real possible campaign of the President, whose activities would be controlled by Putin and his entourage.

Because there can not understand the sad economic situation in the country, and it is possible that now, a little less than a year before the elections, the Kremlin is looking for a candidate who could after the victory to fulfill their wishes, as it was a short time after the resignation of Yeltsin. In power the KGB will never relinquish power — it is easier to prevent inexperienced politician Navalny, than to lose everything. Or else, if the situation is to March the following changes. Most importantly — pliable.