Trump praised Putin for a reduction in the number of employees of the American Embassy

Bridgewater, NJ — President of trump on Thursday expressed gratitude and not resentment over the decision of Russia, which is prompting the United States to reduce the number of staff its Embassy in Moscow to 755. He did this despite bipartisan condemnation from other American leaders that protested against this step, it is quite appropriate to the spirit of the cold war.

President Vladimir Putin last month made the decision about imposition of arrest on two diplomatic facility, and reductions of more than half the number of employees of the American Embassy in Moscow, and this was done in response to the sanctions imposed by Congress because of Russia’s intervention in last year’s presidential elections in the United States.

“I want to thank him because we are trying to reduce the expenses on salary to the plan, and as for me, I am very grateful to him that he sends a significant number of people, because now our payroll will be less, — has told in conversation with journalists Mr. trump, who is currently in his Golf club in Bedminster, new Jersey. — No real reason to return there. So I am very grateful to him for what we in the United States will be able to reduce payroll costs. We will save a lot of money.”

Mr. trump said in a somewhat light tone, however, remained unclear, he was joking or not. Our request for explanation, sent his press Secretary, is still unanswered.

In any case, this review of Mr. trump with his practice of rejecting criticism of Mr. Putin — no matter how strained are relations between the two countries.

Mr. trump is constantly praising Putin as a strong leader who did a lot of good for Russia. When the journalist of Fox News channel asked him about whether Mr. Putin, in fact, a murderer, given the constant killings of opposition leaders and independent journalists in Russia, Mr. trump was to protect the Russian leader said: “There are a lot of killers. Do you think that our country is so innocent?”

The decision of Mr. Putin to reduce the number of Embassy staff brings to mind some of the most antagonistic moments in the long history of the cold war, and it was the most ambitious for several decades step by Russia against the U.S. diplomatic corps.

In 2013 it is the latest open to the public data — 1279 employees worked at the United States Embassy in Moscow, as well as at the American consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. The great majority of those people who lose their jobs, are Russian citizens and not the American diplomats who will be forced to go home. If we assume that now the number of employees remained approximately at the same level, then at the request of Mr. Putin, the reduction will be about 60%.

According to Mr. Putin, it reduces the U.S. government’s presence in Russia to the level of the Russian presence in the United States. However, the total number of employees includes not only the diplomats of the state Department; other us agencies also have their own staff in Russia, including the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of Commerce, NASA and the Library of Congress. According to American officials, the decision of Mr. Putin on the reduction will have a significant impact on the provision of various services. So, for example, will significantly slow down the process of issuing visas to Russian citizens intending to visit the United States. Another important function of any Embassy is to collect local information and intelligence to inform decision-makers senior politicians in the United States, and this process is, apparently, also will be complicated.

“Reducing the number of employees in 755 persons will cause great damage to our diplomatic mission in Russia, said Michael McFaul, who was Ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama. — The fact that our President does not recognize this obvious fact, demonstrates his lack of understanding of what the Embassy are doing to ensure that us national interests.”

The decree Mr. Putin was delayed reaction to the arrest of Mr. Obama last year, the two objects of the Russian diplomatic property in the United Statew. In addition, the Obama administration has deported 35 Russian diplomats. It happened after American intelligence agencies concluded that Moscow was trying to influence the presidential elections of 2016. However, the Russian decision to reduce the number of employees was triggered by a law adopted last month on the basis of almost unanimous bipartisan vote in both houses of Congress. The act introduces sanctions against Russia, but also limits the possibility of Mr. trump to cancel them without approval from lawmakers. Mr. Putin, who normally avoids direct criticism of American colleagues, made his decision even before the signing, Mr. trump this bill, so his decision should be considered as a response to the actions of Congress, not Mr. trump.

Because any veto would be overcome, Mr. trump reluctantly signed the law on sanctions. However, at the signing he has made it clear that he considers some of its provisions are unconstitutional and that left open the possibility that he will not perform it the way he wanted to Congress.

With the reduced number of employees should be done only on 1 September, some analysts felt that Mr. Putin leaves space for compromise, and then these cuts will not be made. However, Mr. trump has not expressed any concern about the reduction of the Embassy staff and suggested that will not be made any steps towards abolition or easing of the Russian decision.

Kathleen rice (Kathleen Rice), member of the house of representatives of the Democratic party of the state of new York, criticized Mr. trump criticized for his comments. “It is an insult to American diplomats, she wrote on her Twitter page. — And, in fact, silly words. Diplomats are not fired because they expel some hostile country.”