Actual (Bulgaria): Putin is like an old sick wolf

It seems that Vladimir Putin has lost touch with reality, and a political figure has turned into a missionary who feels responsible for the story, not for the people. The geopolitical game is interesting, but quarantine is boring. So says Tatiana Stanovaya, who created an independent political project “R. Pоlitik” analyzing Russian politics.

Putin said that the interests of the economy of the Russian Federation as soon as possible to return to a normal life. However, Russia ranks second after the US in number of people infected with coronavirus, in Russia the highest mortality from covid-19 per day. Calling for the economy to continue to work, Putin shifted the responsibility for the spread of the virus in the heads of the regions, decentralization of power, according to political scientist Alexander Cineva, will allow Putin to avoid a negative reaction — he doesn’t want to lose the image of “macho”. “He no longer looks like a strong leader. It is similar to a sick old wolf,” said Kinev.


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The Maxim of liberal journalists reads: no matter what — spit in Putin!


This is just ridiculous, look at you and think, how far will you go for a dollar, it’s a shame…


Judging by the lyrical works avtorshi, R. Pоlitik — some kind of art project.


Of course, the decision will be taken at the regional level! Putin behaves like a tramp. And in both cases it is important for the federations. Only during the war, the decision is made at the Federal level!


1. It is important, not how many are infected and how many died! 2. The administration of the Russian Federation, in contrast to some Balkan, do not allow other Nations to intervene in their own history.


The crown showed how much really weighs Putin, and that’s not what we thought he was.

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Even though he was old, he did not like the wolf, it so feminine and delicate this stretched Botox skin looks more like an abandoned lonely old sheep.


Russia’s 150 million people, 260 thousand infected… We are 6 million and 2 thousand 600 infected — they are better than us in 2,5 times! But we have deaths less than in Russia — and about the deaths in “developed democracies” you think?


Tatiana Stanovaya — almost never known a Russian-speaking worker earning a bit of greenery.


And around the world during the quarantine decisions, by region and depending on the situation and the situation on the ground. Prudence is not a disease, and capable leadership — not old age. In China and Germany, each area was evaluated herself and decide what measures should be taken.

The trail of sirikotha fiasco

Putin’s rating has fallen. The attempt to carry out internal problems failed miserably. The pinnacle of this was a humiliating peace, which Moscow signed with Erdogan, thereby betraying Assad. However, it was the only way to stop delivery of the cargo 200 from Syria. The second impact has been on oil prices, it deprived them of some budget funds, thus limiting their actions in Libya, where Russia also supported, plus UAE, France, Egypt and SA have suffered defeat after defeat. In General, before Putin opens with a bleak future, predetermined by its strategic errors.

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Rather — old Putin, war wolf, who is not clear, usually quickly learns what the wolf has sharp and strong teeth! I believe that such commentators, as this article, are best known in their cities, one of Vasyuki and G. the lower Shell, it is not necessary to confuse! I am convinced that a humane and democratically-minded people, they have to pay attention to politicians who have long been over 70 years! And Putin is known for its health, as well as the fact that he is most dangerous when silent! I was very strange why the West pays so much attention to the Russian leader, look at it closely, he’s not aggressive! Look closely, he does not seek confrontation with the West — he just does not want Russia was a loser country! He is not a dictator — if he were Stalin or one of his admirers, there would be no mention of the so-called democratic opposition in Russia! On the contrary, Putin always goes to show what he’s capable of — and this is very true, Russia needs capable people, regardless of their political views! Perhaps this article is just a manifestation of jealousy — as so why our leaders are not?! Russia needs such a person like Putin — as a leader, and as a personal example, that Russian was moving in the right direction: there is absolutely unruly people, and many Russian do not turn your head before you start to do something (at least, as the practice shows).