France has dramatically increased the number of victims of coronavirus

The country from March 1, died on 27 425 people once infected with coronavirus

Coronavirus in France claimed the lives of 27 of 425 people, and for the last day 351 people, although the previous day the number of victims of coronavirus was only 84 people. About it reports the Ministry of health of France.

“From 1 March, died 27 425 people after infection with coronavirus: 17 224 died in 10 hospitals and 201 nursing homes and other medical and social institutions”, – stated in the message.

Hospitals are now 20 463 patients with coronavirus, of which 542 were received in the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, the overall number of hospitalizations decreased by 608. Continues to decline and the number in intensive care units, where for the day, there were 52 patients, but the number of vacant beds has increased over the day for 129 units. All in all, such houses receive assistance 2299 seriously ill.

Note that since the beginning of the epidemic in the country were registered 141 356 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and the number of hospitalizations reached 97 844. Although 59 605 people have recovered from new pneumonia and was discharged from the hospital.

In France reminds of necessity of observance of preventive measures and call for special care the elderly and people with chronic diseases. Also, the authorities are strongly recommended to consult a doctor within 24 hours for the manifestation of the symptoms caused by a coronavirus disease, even if it is in the form of light.

Recall that in France a state of emergency because of the coronavirus was extended for another two months.