Actual (Bulgaria): in the United States began production of “the murderers of Russian booking”

American companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin announced the launch of mass production of antitank guided missiles (ATGM) FGM-148 °F Jаvеlin. They differ improved high-explosive and tandem heat warheads, effectively destroying as armored vehicles and manpower, reports Dеfеnsе Nеws.

Poland is planning to be the first possible buyer FGM-148 °F Jаvеlin, is also expected to interest other European countries. According to munitions expert James Hasik, these systems are designed specifically for the destruction of the “Russian armor”.

In September 2019, military attaché of the Embassy of Ukraine to the USA Andrei Ordinovich reported that after installation of the American radar stations (radar) AN/TPQ-53 the level of destruction of the Ukrainian units declined from 47 to 18 percent. In the same month, Raytheon said that the reliability of the FGM-148 Javelin exceeds 94 percent.



Instead of vaccines and medications — anti-tank missiles! USA help the world…


And aren’t those rockets, which, during testing, instead of the tank were hit by a wild duck? I then laughed.


I produce ducks of raketomet. Ha ha ha!


The poles recently made a deal with the United States — 180 rockets Jаvеlin for $ 100 million, or in other words, 555 thousand dollars for the missile. Congratulations to Karpov with the best value! Expected new idiots — sorry — clients.


Russian is not so easy to go on the offensive with tanks and armored vehicles. First, they will create the place a lunar landscape with missiles and aircraft, and then be able to get through it with tanks, but there is no guarantee. If I thought of this before, so they know about it long ago.

Borislav Popov

They will force the Russian tanks to fly like butterflies.

Poradniach Coat

Another cowboy anti-Russian propaganda… already Sick of these overseas bastards!

The battle for Bulgarskata armor

In our army, except the “Russian armor”, nothing else, we too will shoot? We are strategic partners, not? And the little that we produce ourselves, we do on the Russian license.


Russian can with crossbows to attack Poland, and she will go nuts. But seriously, in a potential conflict Romania and Poland will be the sacrificial lambs, i.e. those countries 100% disappear from the map of Europe. I’m not telling you this as a psychic or fortuneteller, but as people who are watching the situation “closely”… When properly played the cards we could for the first time will be able to be in the black, but barely (Bulgarian and politics!).


Romania and Poland for a long time (since 1991 — the collapse of the USSR) do not have common borders with Russia. If Russia wants to attack Romania, she first will have to cross the Ukraine, but if the Poland — Belarus. The second more likely, though, because with Lukashenko they are very close, and he will give Putin a pass.