The occupation of Europe by the United States and the control of energy sources

Again, Israel has decided to perform a supporting role to the interests of the West after the defeat at the hands of the resistance axis, namely to provide support to terrorist groups in southern Syria. It provides protection, provides weapons and money to recruit mercenaries in order to create a buffer zone along the borders with Palestine.

Perhaps before terrorists set tasks that they must perform outside of Syria, but in any case, Israel is not the only country that supports terrorism. Do all Zionist and Pro-Zionist governments in the world, first and foremost, this applies to the last three presidents of France, who have done everything in their power in order to destroy Syria and expel its people, by paying the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and other terrorist groups that they are intimidated by the Syrians. Even the Minister of defence of France, Sylvie Gular acknowledged the presence of French troops in Syria who are there illegally since 2011 for the preparation of terrorist organizations. French forces claim that the latter are Syrian opposition, and therefore support them. However, most of these fighters are foreign mercenaries. Western leaders, unable to solve problems their countries have forgotten about them and joined their American leader who supports the Zionists and terrorism, in the hope that they will get their share of profit.

To cover up their crimes in Syria, Western governments are many times fabricated false reports about the alleged use of chemical weapons by the regime, while in actuality it has repeatedly used terrorist groups. Western countries kept silent about these facts and turn a blind eye because I didn’t want to see the truth. Meanwhile, decided to act as philosopher-Zionist Bernard-Henri levy, who said that the Zionist army of occupation is rather a “moral army”, thus closing their eyes to the most serious crimes the Zionists committed against Arabs and Palestinians after the occupation of Palestine and lasting until now. In the Kingdom of the blind, all the blind are kings, and those who see only with one eye, like all satellites in the world that are on a par with Washington in its illegal wars against the peoples.

A few days ago, the President of the United States Donald trump visited Poland, a kind of “the edge of the Atlantic of the spear” in Europe, which Washington has engaged in a new cold war with Russia. USA proved that this war started, what sent the third Panzer group to the Russian-Polish border to Poland became a link between the three seas (Baltic, Black and Adriatic) and twelve European countries. The latter serves the interests of the American occupation of Europe and establish control over the sources of energy, particularly gas. Thus, Washington believes that American companies enjoy the exclusive right to extract and assign the world’s gas reserves in order to sell his ” old Europe.” This is especially true of countries with access to the aforementioned three seas. The purpose of this policy is the weakening of Russia as a proud nation with a rich history, which for centuries was associated with Europe and also to cut his ties with allies through five seas. This will help to prevent the sale of Russian gas, in particular European States which does not have sovereignty and compete with Germany in military and economic terms. After the Russian company will be expelled from the region in the plans of States under the control of American companies to sell gas to Europe at a very high price.

That the colonial countries of the West under US leadership to start wars for the currency, gold, oil and gas, is an old truth, and we can find her trail since the advent of colonial ideas of globalization. The U.S. Constitution is filled with ideas about justice, freedom, non-interference and the rejection of warfare. As recent history shows America, the principles adopted in the Constitution, easily broken oil, military and financial minorities, which encourage the election of dictators who commit crimes against peace, as heads of state. All this is done through the propaganda of election campaigns headed by the ruling institutions, while American citizens continue to believe that the US is the largest democracy in the world.

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There is no doubt that the US terrorist war against Syria and other Arab countries leading to the implementation of this project. At the same time, the goal of Washington is to weaken the European Union and to extend its influence beyond the borders of Ukraine and the EU to eventually change the map of the latter and thereby to establish absolute hegemony of the US in Europe! Europeans do not understand American plans to establish control over their States, ranging from aggression against Syria and Iraq, the rise in terrorist activity by members of the “Islamic state” and “Jabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), acting in Alliance with the United States, as well as “Democratic forces of Syria,” that Americans are giving money and weapons through the Turkish border. The last fact says about the relations between Washington and Ankara, which also supports terrorism in Syria, although pretending to be outraged that the Americans support the DSS. In fact, Turkey as a NATO member, is working to create security zones in Syria that serves the interests of the United States. Every time she starts this game on the talks in Astana, whose purpose is not peace in Syria or the integrity of its territory, and not even the resolution of the crisis in Syria. Her real goal is to establish long truce in several areas of Syria that are occupied by terrorists and Washington. They provoke armed clashes and participate in them to not allow other countries to stand in the way of expanding American “democratic terrorist Empire”, which has no room for elections or referenda. Washington seems to say to the Syrians: “We will stop the aggression against Syria, but provided that “Democratic forces” and terrorists to remain in Syria! It should be noted that after seven years of aggression Washington was defeated in Syria. Presenting the terms before to stop the aggression, the U.S. prove once again that they are the state, which used to commit crimes and wage wars, and used to losing, but it convinces everyone that it is not.